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Germanten Hospital is embellished with the doctors who are considered to be one of the Best Spine specialists in Hyderabad individually, and who offer spinal surgery and therapies. We provide a multi-disciplinary pathway to the patients who are suffering from spinal pins and problems. Our expert team can manage spinal pain and disorders associated with the back and the neck of a human body. We are known for treating more complex disorders including Scoliosis, Spinal fractures and disorders Sciatica, Disc Prolapse etc.

We are located near Hyderabad International Airport, which makes us easy to approach for patients who are coming from other cities and states and have easy access to pharmacy, therapy centres and other diagnostic facilities to treat specific and common spinal disorders. We pride ourselves for providing the best possible treatment amenities to our patients and offer a wide range of treatments including invasive, minimally-invasive or more complex surgical procedures.


At Germanten, we are entirely opposed to the idea of larger incisions in the human body for Spine Surgery in Hyderabad. We prefer to go for successful operations without making much cut. Thus, surgery is the last option we prefer for any health condition. When a patient comes with severe back or bone problems, we perform several X-Rays, MRIs and CT Scan to be sure about the exact condition of the spine. Our treatment procedure starts with effective medication and exercises to treat the symptom without operation if possible.

Once the patient is not left with no other medication option, our experts opt for spine surgery. A detailed physical examination is done before the surgery is performed.


We have a multi-disciplinary team which includes the best spine surgeons in Hyderabad with a common goal of providing utmost care and treatment to every patient who believes us. The purpose of spine surgery is to stabilize the pain-causing vertebral bones and joints and also to relieve the pressure being applied to the spinal nerves.

Most of the time, we opt for a minimally invasive surgical method for faster and safer recovery of our patients. The potential benefits of the minimally invasive surgery at Germanten Hospital are:

  • Smaller skin incision and better cosmetic result.
  • Less blood loss during the surgery
  • No risk of muscle damage as there is no muscle cutting included during the process
  • Less chance of getting affected with infection
  • Faster recovery and less requirement of rehabilitation after surgery
  • Less dependency on pain healing and medication after surgery


The vertebras, nerves and the spinal discs are located in the deep of your body. When for any health condition, the doctors try to have access to the spinal area, it requires to move the muscles. The minimally invasive approach at Germanten is the best possible spine surgery in India which helps us to get access to the area with minimal incision. The entire process is guided by computers and microscopic video cameras.
Several surgical methods are there to choose from when spine surgery is done through a minimally invasive way.

Using Tubular Retractor:

The technique helps the soft tissues to get dilated progressively and oppose the idea of cutting the muscles directly. Using the tubes, the muscles are kept apart from coming to the way of the surgery, and the surgeons can efficiently work through small incisions without exposing the vast area. Sometimes the tiny cameras are focused on the tube to assist the performing of the surgery minutely. After the operation gets over the tube or the retractor is removed from the body. Depending upon the requirement, the size of the incision can be smaller.

Percutaneous placement of screws and rods:

Sometimes at many cases, the patients need to be installed with outside instrumentations such as rods and screws to their spine. The process is necessary to stabilize the spine and to ignore the friction between the bones or to facilitate fusion. In this procedure, extensive muscle removal can be required for the placement of the instruments.

However, that is not what it is like at one of the best Hospitals for spinal surgery: Germanten Hospital. We typically involve the interment of rods and screws through small incisions only. With the help of X-Ray images, that we collect before the surgeries are performed, the guidewires are placed into the spinal vertebrae to mark the desired pathway for the screws. The screws are then placed following the same path, and the same gets removed after the surgery is performed.

Direct lateral access routes:

In some cases, the lumbar spine is approached through the side of the body, which results in reduced pain. After that, a retractor is placed on the spine side of the patient to get proper access to the spinal disc.

Thoracoscopic access route:

At times according to the patient’s condition, the front part of the thoracic spine needed to get accessed. The procedure is done through a comparatively larger incision in the chest of the patient and also may require to remove one or more ribs from the body.


  • We at Germanten hospital have the team of best orthopedic surgeons and doctors who are experienced in their field and have treated many orthopedic patients in their lifetime.
  • We are specialized for treating any kind of orthopedic condition, which includes injuries, bone diseases, and problems related to the cartilage and the ligaments.
  • We have a team of comprehensive care which is consist of surgeons, physicians, nurses, laboratory professionals and high equipment for modern medications
  • We have state of the art tools for diagnosing, treating and for the aftercare of the patients at the hospital.
  • We prefer to go for a minimally invasive technique to perform the surgeries which allow the patients to get dependent quickly after the surgery within a few hours.

Spine Surgery might be needed in your case, but you must be sure that there is no other medication left to help you with your symptom. We provide expert spine surgery advice and help the patients to choose the best treatment method which serves to reverse the problem for a more extended period. Our team is focused on providing research papers and work closely with many other spine specialists in Hyderabad and other centres across the world, and we pride in treating many patients from different parts of the globe.


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