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9 Ways to Avoid Knee Pain and Injuries

avoid knee pain and injuries

9 Ways to Avoid Knee Pain and Injuries

One of the common questions asked to the doctor or searched on the internet is “Why is my knee paining?”. Knee pain is generally caused by some injury or repetitive motion that causes stress on the knee joint over time. There are various ways to prevent knee pain and injuries. 

Knee pain can make you really uncomfortable. However, in most cases, people tend to accept it and live with it. But in some cases, it becomes important to seek medical help so you can know how to avoid knee pain. 

Runner’s stretch is among the most common reasons for knee pain at a young age. When you bend your knee up to the butt, it can lead to knee pain; by doing so, the knee cap is jammed into the bones below it. 

Runner’s stretch can lead to chondromalacia patella (the medical term for knee pain), a condition in which the cartilage below the knee cap softens and breaks down. When the kneecap is repeatedly jammed, it leads to profound chondromalacia. 

If you want to know how to prevent knee pain in old age, you must be familiar with your own body. It is important to understand what knee pain exercises to avoid. If your knees are prone to arthritis, impact-oriented exercise is not for you. An elliptical machine will be better than a treadmill. 

Want to know how to reduce knee pain while walking? Then visit Germanten Hospital. The hospital has the availability of all the required tools and technologies to diagnose various health conditions. In addition, experienced doctors and physicians can help you know the reason for knee pain at a young age and how you can prevent it. So, hurry up and book your appointment now! 

How to avoid knee pain and injuries? 

Want to know how to prevent knee pain? Then there are a few ways and tips to treat your knee paining due to several reasons: 

  • Maintain Weight: One of the common reasons for knee pain at a young age is obesity. Extra weight tends to increase the chance of developing osteoarthritis. The best way to know how to reduce knee pain while walking is to maintain your weight. Excess weight puts stress on the knee. 
  • Wear comfortable shoes: When you wear sensible shoes that fit you perfectly, it helps to keep your legs in proper alignment. It helps to avoid knee pain and injuries. 
  • Warm-up: Want to know how to avoid knee pain? Then before doing any exercise, it is best to warm up and do stretches. By stretching your thigh muscles back and forth, you can reduce the tension on your tendons and thus relieve pressure on the knees. 
  • Do low-impact exercise: High-impact knee pain exercises to avoid if you have a complaint of knee pain. Go for a rowing machine or cross country skiing machines at the gym. They offer a good workout without putting much impact on your knees. 
  • Swim or walk: Swimming and walking are excellent exercises and can help you avoid knee pain. 
  • Be active: If you decrease your activity, it will lead to weakness in your knee. Thus, your knee will become prone to injuries and pain. But don’t suddenly jump from low-impact exercises to intense ones as it will result in knee pain.
  • Weight training: Try to work out weights to strengthen your legs. It gives better support to your knees and avoids any injury. But it is always recommended to consult an expert before doing any exercise or lifting weights because if done wrong, it could lead to a knee injury. 
  • Physical Therapy: The best way to prevent knee pain in old age is to visit a physiotherapist. They can help you with a proper exercise regime that can help you avoid any knee pain and injury.


It is found that some people with knee problems tend to fold their knees. It makes them feel good. Though it won’t hurt your knee, it won’t avoid the injury either. Do not wrap too tightly as it can result in a knee injury. 


If you want to understand how to prevent knee pain, book an appointment at Germanten Hospital. Our experts can also tell you about which knee pain exercises you should avoid. So visit Germanten hospital now!