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Alternative Treatments For Knee Arthritis & Back Problems

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When you are in pain, you are naturally tempted to try anything that can reduce the pain and the stiffness. And when your doctor asks you to go for a knee replacement surgery or any other surgery to treat your back-pain problem, no other alternative treatment procedure seem to be that effective. But what you must do at theta period. Dr Mir Jawadzar Khan; a senior arthritis specialist in Hyderabad and the director of Germanten Hospital says, you must arm yourself with enough information about alternative treatments.

Even though for primary diagnosis and treatment, the doctors go for anti-inflammatory drugs like pain killers, but keeping up a good weight and physical therapies are the most effective ways to reduce those pain.


We at Germanten are very patient-centric, and we hardly need to say that every treatment procedure our doctors suggest is in favor of the patients. Alternative treatment procedures are looked for, ignoring partial or complete surgeries. Losing weight has proven to be very useful while reducing pain. It generally shifts the force from your knee and helps the patient to feel less traumatic.

But we know that losing weight is not an overnight process. Thus, we have alternative treatment procedures too, which can help you with any kind of pain you are going through.


Glucosamine and Chondroitin are among the most preferred supplements for arthritis knee pain and back pain. Fortunately, both supplements can be found in the human body. The supplements help the cartilage form weakening, repair the cartilage and also help in cartilage formation in the body. We suggest you with the best recommendation of those supplements which can be useful for knee arthritis treatment without surgery.

How it works:

dually Glucosamine and Chondroitin are the building blocks of cartilage in the body. Eventually, osteoarthritis is related to the reduction of cartilage in the human body. Adding these supplements to the diet of the patient can help in rebuilding the cartilage and reduce the pain.


When your body is injected with hyaluronic acid, it is called Viscosupplementation. It is mostly a natural substance that occurs in the joint fluids of the body to keep the bones lubricated and help the patient to move smoothly. Most of the patients who have been applied with this medication have found this to be a miraculous drug to them. The best part of this back-pain treatment in Hyderabad is that the possibilities of risks are meagre in this treatment. Even the patients can have an insurance cover for this treatment.

How it works:

If a patient is suffering from a reduced cartilage, the cartilage cap breaks down, and the bones scrape together abnormally causing severe pain. People with osteoarthritis tend to have a lower level of hyaluronic acid than what they need to have. That causes them to encounter illness, stiffness and even swelling.

Replacing the quantity of hyaluronic acid can reduce the symptoms of osteoarthritis. Our Back-Pain Specialist in Hyderabad (at Germanten Hospital) first opt for applying anaesthesia into the space around the area of pain. The fluid that is causing the are to get swelled up is also get extracted in some cases. After that, the hyaluronic acid is injected in the painful area. We would like you to know one more thing that the treatment procedure goes like a complete course. Thus, you can’t expect the pain to vanish right away after you get injected with the medicine.


Cartilage-Transplantion-procedure in hyderabad

Cartilage Transplantion procedure in Germanten Hospital

Cartilage-Transplantion-procedure ,in hyderabad

Visscosupplementation Knee Injection


Platelets are the most crucial element that plays a critical role in tissue repair and regeneration. Platelet-rich plasma or PRP is the treatment procedure in which our team extracts the platelets from the own blood of the patient suffering from the pain.

After increasing the concentration, the platelets are then injected directly to the painful area. This works because your platelets contain hundreds of proteins which can speed up the recovery of the patient. Platelet-rich plasma is also used in the treatments of ligament, muscle and tendon injury.

How it works:

Platelet-rich plasma is a proven technique to speed up the healing process of the body. This can be used for shoulder pain, back pain or even for knee arthritis treatment without surgery caused by cuff tears, tendon ruptures or any kind of injuries in other soft tissues.

It improves the function and reduces pain who have chronic health conditions. The key advantages of using PRPs are they reduce the requirement of anti-inflammatories or other stronger medications in the body. As the injections are made of the own blood of the patient, it won’t have any side effect on them.


This is the natural healing process of the human body. We at Germanten hospital generally inject an irritant into the knees or the spine which makes the body to call the healing cells to the site. This type of treatment is usually combined with other treatment procedures like massage and exercises.

How it works:

Generally, the injections that are used to the knee contains a certain amount of irritant in it. Once the irritant gets injected and gets activated in the body, it starts to repair the damaged and reduced ligament of the body. It also strengthens the ligament and helps the joints to get stabilized.

It is undeniable that when the joint gets supported, the pain reduces or gets disappeared. It requires several shots for prolotherapy to work on a patient body.


Stem cell therapy has been used by our back-pain specialist doctor and knee pain specialists to treat many health conditions, injury and of course, diseases. As stem cells for blood are used to treat blood-related diseases, stem cells for tissues can be used to treat specific damage to the bone. The stem cells mostly help in the healing process of the injury, and the procedure is active and is safe for the patients.

Stem cells help the doctor to go for better diagnosis and also help them with better treatment options.

How it works:

Stem cells of the same patient are injected to the affected area of the patient. It helps their tissues to get healed quite quickly. It also helps in reducing the pain grand also revamp the quality of life for the patient.