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A sportsman can’t stay away from wears and tears. It is said that injuries are part and parcel of a true sportsman’s life in the modern scenario where the competition is continuously pushing humans to exceed the boundaries. Common sports injuries are caused by multiple wears and tears during sports activities. It may include poor techniques or even inadequate protection measures

The treatments for most of the sports injuries have now evolved to be non-invasive and done seamlessly in Germanten Hospital. The primary purpose of following such a treatment method is to reduce the rehabilitation time and also surgical trauma.

Germanten hospital provides treatments for all type of sports injury and other joint-related disorders under the supervision of the Best Arthroscopy surgeon in Hyderabad. We primarily focus on the quality of the treatment that we offer to our patients. We help individuals to get healed early and facilitate them to return to their sports background being recovered from any sports injury.

We have a multi-disciplinary team approach in the treatment of various sports injuries which may even include ligament and tendon reconstruction, cartilage resurfacing, alignment correction, and others.


You might not be a new one to get encountered to the term if you belong from a sports background. Even though you might not have been through such surgery, the condition is associated with individuals who have a sports background. Apart from the sports injury, other individuals from various background also may need Arthroscopy.

But what is Arthroscopy?

Arthroscopy is basically a minimally invasive surgical procedure for sports injuries treatments. Arthroscopy or keyhole surgeries help the individuals to move seamlessly after sports injury via non-invasive repair of their wear and tear. For any sportsperson, it is very reasonable to get a damaged Ligament or joint.

There is no doubt that other invasive treatment methods take enough time to get recovered and get back to normal life. Arthroscopy helps the patient to get recovered quickly. It also reduces the complexity of the surgical treatment process.


Certain diseases or injury can damage bones, ligament, cartilage, or other connective tissues of the human body. The disorders or the injuries ate generally diagnosed or identified through X-rays and other body scans. Arthroscopy adds a new dimension to the treatment of such damages. Arthroscopy surgeries take lesser rehabilitation time and help the patient to get recovered early.

Acute or Chronic Sports injuries can be treated through Arthroscopy like:

  • Knee
  • Shoulder
  • Wrist



Knee Ligament Injury:

Knees have the most complex construction, but they are the most vulnerable and common area to get affected during sports. Every sports person faces the challenge of ligament sprain or the breaking down of ligament at some point in their sports profession. Our comprehensive treatment procedure helps in sports-related ligamentous injuries like

  • PCL
  • MCL 
  • ACL reconstruction surgery in Hyderabad.

Cartilage-Transplantion-procedure ,in hyderabad
ACL Surgery Dr Mir Jawad Zar Khan

AT Germanten Hospital, we even offer multi-ligament surgery to our patients. Every treatment allows the athletes to get back to their reasonable movement condition fast and safely.

Cartilage Injury:

There are many incidents where the athletes get affected by delicate cartilage injury. Apart from ACL reconstruction, Germanten hospital helps in regenerate, repair, and regrow the damaged cartilage rather than replacing it. Our treatment approach promises for long term result to all the patients. Our treatment focuses upon enabling the natural cartilage building in the joints.

Shoulder Ligament injury:

Shoulder dislocation is another common problem faced by athletes. At Germanten, we have treatment for various shoulder ligament injuries such as bicep injury, shoulder tendon tear. We follow minimally invasive treatment procedures for such treatment to ensure the fastest recovery of our patients.

Re-generate and cell growth therapy:

At Germanten Hospital, many patients are treated non-invasively by the best arthroscopic surgeon in India, with the help of various injections derived from the patient’s own blood cell. It helps them to get recovered from multiple chronic injuries of the soft tissues.

Meniscal Injuries:

Because of trauma or fall during many sports activities, a sudden twist of the knees may cause this type of injuries. We have special treatment depending upon the type of meniscal tear. Though meniscal injuries are treated with effective measures primarily. But our team and Germanten focuses upon treating the meniscal injuries by repairing and prevention of further damage.


The surgery of Arthroscopy is performed after the patient is given the local or the general anesthesia. The area which is going to be operated is cleanly shaved and is thoroughly cleaned with a sterile solution. A buttonhole incision is made at the same place, which allows the surgeon to insert the arthroscope.

The arthroscope is basically a small videos camera which remains joined to a TV screen. The arthroscope transmits a high-quality picture of the inner part of the body to help the surgeons to perform the surgery correctly. As per the requirement, several small incisions are made to insert other instruments in the joint. After the repair of the joint, the surgeon also removes the bone fragment if required.

The removal of any part depends upon the quality of fixation and might not need in every patient. After the surgery is successfully completed, a sterile dressing is applied ion the area of incision and is left for healing. You are treated or operated by the best sports medicine doctor in Hyderabad.

Gremantenhospital deepika rauthPatient Dipika Raut from Odisha settled in Secunderabad. She is a Good Dancer and teaches Dance too. She visited Dr Mir Jawad Zar Khan Sir at GERMANTEN HOSPITAL HYDERABAD with severe pain, swelling on her knee and Inability to walk since she had ACL Ligament Tear and meniscal Tear too. People who injure their ACL often complain of having a popping sound and their knee giving out from under them. Normally it takes 2 years time to recover. More…
germental hospital feedbackMr.Mohd Shafii 43 years old from Karnataka Distic Haveri. He was suffered form one year Acl ligament injury. He was consulted one of the best orthopedic doctor in India Dr.Mir Jawad Zar khan sir at Germanten Hospital .Dr.Jawad sir Diagnosed his problem suggested to ACL Reconstruction surgery. Mr .shafii underwent Acl Reconstruction surgery in April 2019. Now he is walking without pain. Mr Shaffii saying thanks to Dr.Mir Jawad Zar khan More…


Though there are many other operatives and surgical treatment for a sports injury. But there are some particular benefits which make Arthroscopy to be the better choice for people related to the sports background. As compared to traditional and invasive surgeries, arthroscopic is a minimally invasive one.

  • You feel less post-operative pain once you undergo Arthroscopy
  • Because it is minimally invasive, there is a lesser chance of infection, bleeding, risk, and other hazards
  • There is almost no chance of scarring after the surgery as the size of the incision is minimal
  • The patients need to stay at the hospital for a more extended time
  • Arthroscopy surgery helps the patients to get recovered sooner than the traditional operations
  • The athletes can get back to their own profession after the Arthroscopic surgery as it takes lesser time to bring them in their own strength.

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