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Cartilage cell transplantation at Germanten Hospital Hyderabad

Now patients with a particular type of arthritis have a new preventative option available to them. The articular cartilage cell damage can be seen, especially in elderly patients. It can easily be managed by joint replacement surgeries if the condition is very severe. But now even the younger generation also going through the same physical problem of Cartilage cell damage, and want to go for knee cartilage repair without surgery, which has become a more challenging dilemma for them.

The cartilage cell damage leads to pain, loss of functionality, ability and refrains them from participating in further daily activities. It can also lead to osteoarthritis with an additional injury.


Torn cartilage is a common problem. As we discussed earlier that there are several surgical procedures which can help the patients in treating their health condition, but cartilage transplantation in Hyderabad, is now a renowned and well-accepted treatment procedure which can help the patients to get back to their healthy life. The smooth Teflon lining of the knee, shoulder or ankle is called the articular cartilage.

Which stays lubricated to help human to move the body quickly without any bone friction. But when with time or other accidental issues, the cartilage starts to get reduced, the cartilage cell replacement helps it to get slippery and smooth.

We have handled thousands of cases of Cartilage surgery in Hyderabad with high success rate. The treatment procedure is performed to help the patients to heal the joint, relieve pain, and of course, to restore their body functioning.


Before the doctor prescribes you with a cartilage replacement shoulder, knee or ankle, a 3D scanning is done to be sure that you are a perfect candidate for the treatment. The test also helps the doctor to determine the area of defect, the severity of the condition and the size of the space needed to get operated through the treatment procedure.

Most of the cartilage transplant procedures are done with the help of arthroscopy. In these three small incisions are done with the help pf a small device called arthroscope. The camera that comes up with the arthroscope provides a clear view of the inside of the area. For the camera of the arthroscope being with a very high resolution, it helps the doctors to have a successful and effective treatment.


ACI (Autologous Chondrocyte Transplantation):

This procedure consists of two steps. Several weeks can be taken for the doctors to complete this treatment procedure.  First of all, the healthy cartilage cell is removed from the non-weight bearing area of the patient’s body and are grown for 6 to 8 weeks in the laboratory.

The affected area for the cartilage regeneration knee, ankle or shoulder is shaved first with mechanical instruments, to make the surface smooth. The damaged area is occasionally drilled wholly with the help of a wire. The newly grown cells are then injected and implanted in the area, and a layer of tissue is placed on the outer surface of the bone to cover the area, which is first sewn and then glued.

We recommend this cartilage treatment to the patients who are at a young age.

Cell-Based Cartilage Replacement Treatment:

In many cases, the cells from the patient’s own body used to help other new cells to grow naturally in the body. In this procedure, the cells from the non-weight bearing area of the patient’s body get removed and are built in the laboratory.

After the cells grow up to a big enough piece of cartilage, it is implanted back to the damaged part of the patient’s body. It takes almost an hour to complete the treatment process. For this cartilage replacement ankle, knee or shoulder it takes nearly a month for the cartilage to get matured and to get integrated with the existing cartilage of the body.

Meniscus Transplant:

Patients who have lost most of the meniscus from the body and also have had it removed are recommended with this treatment procedure. The meniscus helps the patient to ger a cushioning and stability on the joint. The transplant helps the patient to restore the shock-absorbing ability of the area. It takes a small incision for the treatment which is later covered with stitches.

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