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Dr. Qayyum Quadri

Dr. Qayyum Quadri

Consultant General Physician and Senior Intensivist

Dr. Qayyum Quadri

MBBS, MD (Osm), General Medicine


General Medicine


Consultant General Physician and Senior Intensivist

Day time OPD:

Monday -Saturday 10am to 6 pm


English / Telugu / Hindi / Urdu

Your Expert General Physician and Senior Intensivist. In the realm of healthcare, experience, skill, and dedication converge in the person of Dr. Qayyum Quadri distinguished General Physician and revered Senior Intensivist. With a wealth of experience spanning years, Dr. Quadri has established himself as a stalwart in the field of medicine. His proficiency in ventilator management, combined with his extensive background in general medicine services, places him at the forefront of holistic patient care. Whether it’s diagnosing complex medical conditions or meticulously tailoring treatment plans, Dr. Quadri’s astute judgment and clinical acumen shine through. earning him the trust and admiration of both colleagues and patients. When you entrust your health to Dr. Qayyum Quadri. you’re not just gaining a physician – you’re gaining a partner in your journey towards well-being. With him, you’ll find a seasoned healer. a skilled intensivist, and a compassionate guide who will navigate the path to recovery with expertise and heart.

  • Diabetes Mangaement
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Acute & Chronic Lung Diseases
  • Bronchial Asthma
  • Acute & Chronic Bronchitis Pneumonia
  • Jaundice & Other Liver Diseases
  • Ventilator Management
  • Diseases of Digestive System Acute & Chronic Diarrhoea
  • Acid Peptic Disorder
  • Acute and Chronic Fever
  • Kidney & Urinary Track Infections Fatigue & Tiredness