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Partial Knee Replacement

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A knee joint has three  parts:

  1. The medial (inner part of the knee)
  2. The lateral (the outer part of the knee)
  3. The patellofemoral (front of the knee)

Of the three, if only one part is eroded or damaged, a smaller surgery to replace the worn out parts can be done, and this is known as partial knee replacement.

Partial knee replacement is better than total knee replacement for patients who have only one part of their knee worn out. In total knee replacement all three parts of the knee are replaced.


Partial knee replacement was till recently was done by open surgery using conventional instruments and methods.

The introduction of the robotic arm in partial knee replacement surgery gives consistently accurate and safe bone removal and precise implant placement.


First foremost, patients who will benefit most by partial knee replacement are identified by routine investigations like X-Ray and CT Scan. If only one part of the knee as described above is worn out, the patient is counseled about the option of partial knee replacement.

X-Ray and 3D CT Scan Evaluation:

The patients further undergo 3D CT Scan, which allows the surgeon to create a virtual model of the worn out painful knee.  patient’s knee. MRI scan is another tool for more precise joint studies. These investigations help make a pre-operative surgical plan.

robotic arm knee replacement

Pre-Operative Plans:

  • The medical history and the current health condition of the patient, allows the surgeons to decide whether or not to opt for a partial knee replacement
  • The accurate 3D knee imaging data is loaded into our advanced software as part of the pre-operative planning.
  • This helps the surgeons determine the precise size, the depth of the implant, Coronal Rotation and plane alignment, and other procedures for an optimal results.

Partial Knee replacement is comparatively a complicated surgical process, and the pre-planning of the surgery makes a big difference in the effectiveness and quality of the operation.

The preoperative anatomic plan of the surgery is optimized during the surgery from gap analysis, mapping of the cartilage surface and motion data.

Advantages of PKR:

  • The incision size required for the replacement is of 2” to 3” and no muscles are cut
  • Results in quicker healing and relief after surgery
  • The patient can walk a few hours after the surgery.
  • There is minimal pain after the surgery
  • Blood loss during the surgery is minimal
  • The healing can be hastened with the use of platelet-rich plasma [PRP].
  • For the closure of the wound, only skin adhesives are used. No staples and no stitches, so less pain and no staples or stitch removal a week or a fortnight after surgery.
  • Patients can resume their daily routine a week after surgery.

The operation:

The advanced tools and equipment used at Germanten help our surgeons craft and trim the bone edges and tissues so they  heal quickly.

  • Temporary infrared tracking devices or “Arrays” are placed on the tibia and femur during the operation. These allow the surgeons to see the movement of the bones and the position of the robot arm with the cutting tool.
  • It helps in obtaining the precise location of the affected area. Once the communication is set, the overgrown bone spurs can be removed.
  • The surgeons prefer to bend the knee during the operation to optimize the angular alignment and re-tensioning the ligaments.
  • The computer software presents the tracking information, and other details to the surgeons so that the virtual adjustment of the implant can be made.
  • A 6mm cutting round tool is connected to the robotic arm across the bone edge, and it removes the desired portion of the bone.
  • The robotic arm limits the area of resection to the planned area, and the system creates a virtual boundary to limit the movement of the cutting tool.
  • Once the bone surface of the knee gets prepared by the robotic arm and the cutting tool, the soft tissues of the joints get trimmed and ready for the installation of the implant.
  • Several trial implants are tried before the final implant is selected.
  • The final implantation is done with the help of bone cement, attaching the implant to the tibia and femur.


  • Our team of surgeons have decades of experience in knee replacements surgeries
  • The robotic partial knee replacement surgery team is led by Dr. Mir Jawad Zar Khan, who is skilled  orthopedic surgeon with over two decades of experience in  in the field of total and partial knee replacements.
  • A thorough pre-operative evaluation and planning decide the success rate of partial knee replacement surgery. At Germanten we devote a lot of time in this phase for optimum results. If the pre-operative tests reveal other health conditions which might influence the outcome of surgery, appropriate steps are taken to ensure that the surgery does not suffer as a result of the said health conditions.
  • We take the utmost care to facilitate would healing in all of our patients.


Early mobilization is the secret to faster recovery.   Medically stable patients are encouraged to walk with their assistive devices.

We arrange for accommodation if the patient needs to stay for a longer duration for recuperation or rehabilitation.

A cooling knee sleeve device is recommended after the patient goes back home post-surgery.

The patients are advised to walk for shorter distance with support and then without support.

At Germanten it is our mission to ensure that you go back to your flexible self within the shortest time possible.

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