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International patients FAQs

If a patient is not from India, how can he/she get an appointment?

If the patient does not know which doctor to consult, what should he/she do?

Does the patient need a doctor’s referral for an appointment?

What kind of payment mode does the hospital accept?

Can patients know the estimated costs of surgery prior to their visit to our hospital?

How to contact our international panel?

Latest News

Medgate Today

We are Happy to Announce Our Respected Dr Mir Jawad Zar Khan Sir has been recognised among“INDIA’S TOP ORTHOPEDICIANS “ by MEDGATE TODAY and launched A “Coffee Table Book on India’s Top Orthopedicians” by Chief Guest Shri Ashwini Choubey, Minister of State Ministry of Health and Family Welfare Govt of India On 21st Feb 2019 at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi.

The Times of India Health Survey -2019

Germanten Hospitals have been recognized by The Times of India All India Multispecialty Hospitals Ranking Survey-2019 as “Best Emerging Multispecialty Hospital in Hyderabad-2019″.

Iconic Achievements in Joint Replacements & sports injuries in South India

Dr.Mir Jawad Zar Khan Senior Orthopaedic Surgeon from Hyderabad was Awarded Iconic Achievements in Joint Replacements & sports injuries in South India by BCCI chairman India Shree Sandeep Patil and Shree Sonu Nigam and other dignitaries in recognition of services rendered to Indian sportsmen for sports injuries.

Today Group Award

Dr. Mir Jawad Zar Khan Senior Orthopaedic Surgeon from Hyderabad was Awarded Better India Healthcare Awards 2018 by Today Group held in Delhi for Best Patient-Centric Care with Innovative Technology in Orthopaedics and Joint Replacement Surgeries.

The hospital provides English-speaking representatives to ensure a smooth flow of communication
between hospital staff and patients.

We also offer the most advanced medical technology and equipment. Our prices are competitive as the
integrated medical center stems from a commitment to incorporate social responsibility.

We have Class 100 operating theatres with provision for video teleconferencing in case there is a need to
consult with specialists from anywhere in the world. The hospital has ties with expert doctors in

Relationship Manager

We assign a single point of contact (SPOC) for each patient for better coordination. SPOC assists the
patient and the accompanying attendant throughout their stay in the hospital for all non-medical
assistance like registration, admission and discharge formalities, as also for provision of sim card,
mobile, interpreter etc.

Interpretation Services

In-house interpreters are available within the hospital.

Visa assistance

International Patient Services team helps in arranging visa by writing a letter to Indian High Commission
in the patient’s country. This helps to obtain medical visa not only for patient but also for the
accompanying attendant.

Estimated cost of treatment

Once treatment plan has been advised by specialist, International Patient Services team arranges
quotation or estimated cost of the treatment and hotel stay.
Once you are briefed by the specialist, our SPOC will provide you with a complete plan, giving an
approximation of the length of your stay, costs, and necessary pre and post-treatment care packages.
You must produce your passport to get registered at the hospital. We will keep a copy of your photo page
and visa page in your hospital records. This is a mandatory step required by the Government of India.

Patients of many nationalities come to us for treatment.

Thanks to our successful treatment methods and our internationally recognised first class physicians,
we have an international reputation that attracts many patients from overseas. We enjoy a high level of
respect, particularly in Hyderabad.

The skilled support staff takes care of the multiple needs of our international patients and ensures that
things go smoothly. They work together with a well-versed team which is already acquainted with the
particular needs of our international patients.

Besides the treatment of injuries and all types of orthopaedic disorders, our Hospital is particularly
focused on endoprosthetic hip and knee replacement surgery. We carry out orthopaedic hip and knee
replacements and revision surgery procedures.

Sports orthopaedics and foot surgery are also our areas of expertise. We conduct arthroscopic surgery of
the shoulder, elbow, hips, ankles and feet. We also treat acute spinal injuries and vertebral body
fractures resulting from osteoporosis and a range of other orthopaedic disorders.

Besides primary operations performed in the orthopaedic unit, we also perform many revision
procedures, mostly on patients with orthopaedic needs referred from elsewhere.

Thanks to the trust of our patients and the referring physicians based abroad, our orthopaedic surgeon
Dr Mir Jawad Zar Khan has performed more than 5000 joint replacements in India and Germany, and has
also performed numerous Trauma surgeries.