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24 Sep 2022
ACL Injuries

Five Ways To Prevent Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Injuries

Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injuries usually happen due to a quick twist of body parts. For example, it usually occurs when a person is running fast and stops suddenly while running to take a sharp turn on the slopes to catch a football.

Around 25,000 people go through an ACL injury. In this injury, among the four ligaments, one of them that connected the femur to the tibia got tested, leading to ACL ligament injury. The role of the ACL in the knee is to stabilise it and allow the knee to do the twisting movements. It is one of the prevalent injuries in athletes playing high-intensity sports like cricket, athletics, football, basketball, rugby, etc. The athlete will require surgery to return to these sports.

ACL Ligament Injury Reason 

When the sportsman plants his foot one way and turns his knee in the opposite direction, the knee twist leads to a tear of the knee ligament, and an injury happens to the sportsman. Other than twisting activities like jumping, sudden change in direction during any sports activity also leads to an ACL injury, which is more painful for women and people over 40.

How to prevent ACL injuries?

The sports health experts know some fantastic tips on preventing ACL injury for athletes. Preventing ACL injuries during sports activity is essential.

The tips for avoiding ACL injuries are mentioned below;


  • Exercise to prevent ACL injuriesOne of the vital tips for avoiding ACL injuries is that everyone should exercise regularly. Exercise makes the muscles strong and flexible by giving the body a good shape, balance and fitness. Therefore, proper exercise to prevent ACL injuries is the best tip for all sportspeople.
  • Pay attention to all the movements of your body for preventing ACL injuries.The sudden movement of the body is the reason behind all injuries, so everyone needs to be careful about how they move. Sudden jumps and twists lead to the tearing of the ligament, which elevates the risk of injury in the knee. The experts suggest that sportspeople should bend and land with stability and maintain a proper balance rather than land with force to avoid ACL injuries.


  • Avoid exercise when you are overly tired.One of the most important and necessary tips for preventing ACL injuries is to avoid doing exercise when you are tired. Recreation and complete sleep are essential for the human body, so when you are tired, do not force your muscles to exercise because the excess force on body muscles leads to injuries.
  • Strengthen your Hamstring and QuadricepsThe hamstring is a muscle located at the back of the thigh that works along the quadriceps at the front. The role of these muscles is to bend and straighten the legs. So to prevent ACL injuries, it is vital to strengthen thigh muscles to protect the knee.The Roman deadlift is one of the best exercises recommended by sports health experts to prevent ACL injuries by strengthening the hamstring and quadriceps.
  • Do not forget the core of your bodyTo avoid ACL injury or any other type of injury, it is crucial for the sportsman and people who carry out heavy physical activities to stick to their core and strengthen their body muscles and glutes. Muscle exercise for the hamstring and quadriceps reduces the risk of ACL injury is very important. So exercise and maintaining a heavy core is essential. Exercising regularly and having a rich body core helps the sportspeople to maintain the balance of the body and also helps to control the moves of the body while carrying out physical activities.


Knowing how to prevent ACL injuries is vital to ensure there is no severe damage to your ligaments and muscles. If you are facing any issue or a sportsperson, it becomes important to know ways to avoid the injuries. 


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04 Jul 2022
Tips for Preventing an ACL Knee Ligament Injury

Tips for Preventing an ACL Knee Ligament Injury

ACL injuries are pretty common in athletes and sportspersons. So it is necessary to know how to prevent ACL injury so that you don’t have to leave the season in between. As per the statistics, the percentage of the patients of ACL treatments are athletes, thus indicating higher chances of sports injuries. Fortunately, if they follow these ACL tear prevention tips carefully, the injuries can be avoided.

Here are a few of the best tips for the prevention of ACL tear:

ACL injuries are frightening for every athlete out there because it causes extreme pain and decreases their strength. Here are a few ACL tear prevention tips to save your day:

Strength training: The knee joint comprises three bones- femur, tibia and patella and four ligaments holding them together. The ACL is diagonally placed in the centre of the knee and is responsible for rotational flexibility and movement.

Weak knee bones, muscles and ligaments can increase the probability of ACL injury. To avoid ACL injury, do strength training targeting the region. It would enhance the flexibility, thus preventing ACL injury. The strength training should include high-intensity jumping plyometrics and exercises that strengthen the quadriceps and hamstrings.

Balance: A large percentage of ACL injuries usually occur due to sudden change of direction of motion, stopping or slowing down, improper landing or crashing down. Doing balanced strength training of the small muscles of the feet, legs, and knees helps avoid ACL injury. It also helps in getting higher resilience and reaction time.

Warm-up and stretching: It is incredibly essential to have warm-up sessions before indulging in any high-intensity activity. An essential torn ACL prevention tip is to do warm-up and stretching without fail. Without it, the muscles and ligaments are usually cold and stiff and thus at high risk of injury. The warm-up would loosen out the muscles and activate them, which helps in ACL tear prevention or reduce the extent and intensity of the damage.

Stretching is also one of the ACL recovery tips and helps relax the muscles and ligaments. While stretching, focus on the front and back muscles of your thigh. Also, stretch the ankle muscles. It helps in ACL tear prevention due to a misguided ankle leading to twisting the ankles and leg.

Good quality footwear and technique: If you use a pair of shoes which do not fit you properly, it can lead to imbalance and increase the chance of tripping over, ankle twists and any kind of sudden shock which can pass on to the knee joint and cause an ACL injury. Thus, before heading out, make sure to wear the shoe which properly fits you and all the required athletic gear.

Besides, following the proper athletic technique is equally important for torn ACL prevention. The correct technique can help learn and avoid significant high impact damage to the body. So consult with a coach or physical trainer before trying any new technique or even using the old ones. With their expertise in the field, they would ensure that the technique you want to implement in your routine is safe to perform. Their guidance would also help to correct your posture and improvise your technique.

Consult with a sports medicine specialist: Consulting with an expert in the athletic and sports field would be the best option to understand the actual root problem. They would do a few physical tests to understand the musculoskeletal weakness. If you visit an orthopaedic doctor, they will examine and find the weak muscles that are prone to sprain, tear and injury. Then, as per the diagnosis, they would advise exercises and activities to strengthen these areas.

The sports medicine specialist would also examine if all your joints are working properly or are there any conditions hindering them. They would give the best ACL recovery tips for your injury. They may suggest knee braces. Some of the best knee braces to prevent ACL injury are available on the market.

At Germanten hospital, our team of healthcare professionals are well experienced and qualified to provide the best treatment to our patients along with the ways to prevent ACL injury. So book an appointment with the orthopaedic experts at Germanten Hospital to get the best ACL recovery tips.

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