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We understand a sudden injury or chronic pain can impact your day to day activities. During many events, the soft tissues and muscles of your body can encounter specific and unusual twists and turns. Traumas and fractures can take place due to any sort of unexpected movement of your body parts.

We at Germanten are specialized in any sort of bone fracture treatment in Hyderabad, including the regular and the simple fractures as well as in treating complex fracture cases. If we talk a bit about our team, we have the team embellished with the best and the handpicked doctors of the nation, who are attributed to be one of the best orthopedic surgeons individually.


A bone fracture is a medical condition in which any bone of a human body is either cracked or broken. You can call a fracture to be a break to the continuity in a bone.

Fractures can be caused due to high force impact or stress on the particular bone, which is higher than what they can endure. Patients who are suffering from osteoarthritis can also encounter a fracture due to weak bone conditions.

Fractures can range from a minor crack in a bone to a completely broken or dislocated bone condition.


For simple bone cracks, our team which is led by the best orthopedic doctor in Hyderabad, simply immobilize the region with the help of braces, casts and splints. More complicated bone fractures need surgeries to correct them and get the patients to complete and smooth mobility. It is always better to get a diagnosis promptly. Else the condition even gets worse and can cause additional damages to the bones.

Well, we know that simple wear and tear can happen to anyone either you are an adult or a child. Our treatment procedure varies according to the age of the patient as well as our approach varies depending upon the endurability of the patient.

We can call ourselves to be the best hospital to provide customized and altered care for each of our patients. Most of our doctors are known for treating the most complex cases in their previous and current career history.

Being the best trauma surgeons in Hyderabad, we understand that you can get encountered with fractures at any phase and at any part of your life, and we want to be there for every member of your family who has encountered a fracture. Every day our expert surgeons keep aside dedicated slots for accommodating fractures, dislocations. Sports injuries and other chronic orthopedic injuries.

The most common body parts that get injured or can cause fractures are:

Shoulder: Shoulder pain can affect the entire body and maybe the whole cycle of your daily life. Work, sports, sleeping and of course, daily activities become harder with chronic shoulder pain. Our specialist orthopedic surgeons at Germanten Hospital are trained in shoulder surgery and have spent several years in polishing their skills. In fact, we are one of the best groups in India for having the maximum numbers of specialized and certified surgeons.

Foot and Ankle: We know that your feet and ankle perform so many activities in every moment of your life. From absorbing the impact of your body weight to help you to accomplish your first marathon, your foot and ankle have enabled you to grow in every aspect. There is no doubt that your activities and life take a downturn when you have painful foot and ankles. Our team of experts can operate any sort of fracture and trauma in your foot and ankle region.

Neck and Spine: Spinal pain is among then most common health conditions. For which patients visits the doctors. Fortunately, in many cases, spinal pain is caused due to the muscles and can be reversed. Maybe it’s due to the pressure or pinching on the spine or due to the fracture caused to your spine, our bone specialist in Hyderabad can treat any condition tom ease the pain.

Hand, Wrist and Elbow: Our hand has the most essential connection to our physical existence, and our elbow helps us to move our hand as required. When injured, most of the general activities of your family life get compromised. Our doctors have been trained for treating any sort of disorder of the hand, wrist and elbow. We mostly have board-certified doctors who are serving patients since long.


In most, of the cases, our trauma surgeons in Hyderabad prefer to go for first X-Ray scanning to diagnose the condition of the fracture. If somehow the fracture can’t be seen rightly and our team fails to reach the self- satisfactory level of diagnosis, they go for other tests like CT scanning, MRI or a bone scan.

Occasionally even after you are diagnosed with a bone fracture, the doctors may need to have other tests to determines the condition of different bones and tissues around the fracture.


A fracture needs to have emergency treatment. Even though a minor fracture is not counted as an emergency, but it is required to be sure about the type of fracture before judging it according to the level of pain, the patient might be going through.

Fracture bones are set to their appropriate places and are held for settling up, which is called as Reduction. Most of the fractures are treated with closed reduction or without surgery. But significant and severe fractures are treated with open reduction or with surgery,

Our Bone fracture doctor in Hyderabad uses devices like pins, screws, rods or plates according to the requirement of the condition. After the operation, the fractures are thoroughly cleaned to avoid any kind of infection. The Fractured region is immobilized with a splint, cast or traction, which also help in reducing the pain.

The patients are given particular medication and painkillers to deal with the pain and speed up the healing.


  • First of all, we request all the patients not to get panicked.
  • You must stop the mobility of the fractured zone as soon as possible while moving for the hospital. It is always better to wrap the fracture with some gauze or stiff wrap of cloth.
  • Don’t try to fix or settle the fracture at home it may impact reversely
  • Try to support the fracture with other body parts till reaching the hospital.


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