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Viscosupplementation is the treatment procedure in which a thick fluid called hyaluronic acid is injected in the knee joint and the shoulder. Many patients suffer from osteoarthritis and use the treatment. As there is no permanent treatment for osteoarthritis; thus, Viscosupplementation injections can’t treat the disease.

But the Lubricant injected can improve the lubrication of the knees, improving the working of synovial fluid. It also helps in reducing the symptoms and improve mobility in the patient. Viscosupplementation helps the patients to have a better quality of life, who are down with the pain of osteoarthritis.


We reserve the treatment procedure of Viscosupplementation until other treatment procedures are tried but could not relieve the pain. Viscosupplementation is a treatment procedure three to five injections are given in every alternative week or Single Injection.

Viscosupplementation injections have a course of the injections, and the patients start to feel relieved after 3 to 5 weeks of applying the injections. The pain relief can be delayed in pate it’s according to the stage of the osteoarthritis. Most of the patients feel significant pain relief after 8 to 12 weeks of starting the injection. Viscosupplementation can give the patients a relief that sustains for longer.



Osteoarthritis is one of the leading reasons for disability in the knees. It can cause moderate pain, and the pain gets worse over time. Though there is no treatment to cure osteoarthritis completely, Viscosupplementation has helped many patients to manage the pain and stay active, In the early stages, our doctors try to solve the problem with non-surgical treatment procedures. They can recommend a range of treatments, including:

  • Losing Weight
  • Change the levels of physical activity
  • Get indulged into physical activities
  • Pain killers
  • Viscosupplementation etc.

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Visscosupplementation Knee Injection

During the process of Viscosupplementation for knee, if your knee is swelled, the excess amount of fluid is removed before applying the hyaluronic acid injection. The removal of the fluid is known as aspirates. The aspiration process is done with the help of needles and syringes. Most of the time, two different syringes are used for removal of the fluid and application of the injection.

The knee injections for osteoarthritis work really good when they are taken in certain interval of time, usually 6 months.



Osteoarthritis can also impact your shoulder and can cause great uncomforting and pain. It is a progressive degenerative disease and also can’t be reversed as we stated earlier. There are many treatment procedures which are taken by many patients and which don’t work for them.

First of all, we try to go for simple treatment procedures for shoulder osteoarthritis like;

  • Activity Modification
  • Periodic Rest
  • Warm and Cold Compress
  • Physical Therapy etc.

But what if, any of the treatment procedure doesn’t work in the long run. We at Germanten Hospital go for Viscosupplementation treatment in Hyderabad for shoulder osteoarthritis as well. The treatment procedure remains the same. The Hyaluronic acid is injected to the shoulder joint to improve the lubrication of the shoulder joint. The degree of the pain-relieving property of the injection can vary in different patients. The acid is injected with the help of X-Ray movie to figure out the exact location of the damage.



  • You can continue having your food and drinks like any other typical day, on the day, even when the treatment is going to take place.
  • You must wear loose clothes to easily expose your joint
  • You must follow other instructions given by your healthcare professional before the treatment starts.
  • Local anaesthesia is given before starting the procedure. So there is no chance that you will feel any pain or discomfort in the joint. After the treatment is over a bandage will be applied to the injection site.



Apart from Viscosupplementation injection, at Germanten Hospital, we also consider PRP injections to be another treatment procedure. PRP or platelet-rich plans has become a new talk of the time. Many athletes and individuals prefer the treatment to recover from injury.

Dr Mir Jawad Zar Khan encourages the use of Platelet Rich Plasma treatment for several reasons and to promote soft tissues healing. As per the researches, PRP injections are one of the most effective treatment measures available in the treatment industry in the current time.

How this treatment works?

Platelets are blood cells which are generated naturally in the human body. Platelets are generally helpful in the clotting of the blood cells, when there is some wear and tear in the body. They are also enriched with enough protein cells that help the wound to recover.

When any soft tissue is inflamed within a body, injecting high concentration platelets can help it to get healed rapidly, as compared to other treatment measures. After the tendon, ligament or muscle surgeries when the healing seems to be time-taking and challenging, we prefer PRP injections and help the patients to be back to their healthy life again.

PRP injections also help in reducing the inflammation.

How the treatment is done?

Platelet is naturally available in our own blood cells. To start the treatment, a small blood sample is collected from the patient who is getting treated. The sample is then put into a device that gets spun with centrifugal force. That is how the platelets get separated from the blood cells. The concentrated platelet is then injected in the damaged area.

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