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Non-surgical Treatments for Neck and Back Pain

Non-surgical Treatments for Neck and Back Pain

Non-surgical Treatments for Neck and Back Pain

Living with back and neck pain can be miserable, making it hard to enjoy those little moments in your life. Whether it is the sedentary lifestyle or a normal aging process, there can be many reasons for your back and neck pain. This type of pain can usually be treated through exercises and medications. However, what are you supposed to do if this doesn’t work?

If this is the case for you, you need some highly effective nonsurgical treatments that can help you get rid of the prolonged and severe back and neck pain. At Germanten Hospital, we can treat the following conditions non-operatively:

● Sciatica
● Spondylosis/Hiscs
● Lumbago
● Cervical & Lumbar Spondylosis
● Cervical & Lumbar Disc Prolapsed
● Vertigo
● Facet Arthropathy
● Degenerative Disc Disease
● Spinal Stenosis

Thanks to Germanten’s Research Collaboration with German Hospitals, we are able to be ahead of the other hospitals in the country. Through this partnership, we have access to German-based precision technology that facilitates the use of robotics and computer navigation for performing painless procedures. We have state-of-the-art equipment that ensures that our patients get the highest quality medical standards. Our team is highly trained and experienced in providing you with the best non-surgical treatments for back and neck pain. Here are a few of the Fluoroscopic, Ultrasound, Endoscopic, and CT Guided procedures that are used for back pain and sciatica:

● Balloon Neuroplasty, Selective Nerve Root Blocks & PRF of DRG
● Carpal Tunnel/Suprascapular/Lat. Cut N of Thigh/Inguinal Nerves Blocks
● Celiac Plexus/Splanchnic/Superior Hypogastric/Impar Blocks (RF/Chemical)
● Cervical & Lumbar Discography with Intradiscal Decompression (Hydrocision &
Endoscopic, Stryker Drill Dekompressor Arthrocare coblation, Biacuplasty)

● Facet (Cervical/Thoracic/Lumbar) RF Denervation, Facet Joint Blocks
● Intrathecal/Epidural Catheter & Pumps, SCS & Lead Placement
● Lumbar/Cervical/Caudal/Transforaminal Decompression Neuroplasty with
Epidural Adhesiolysis
● Lumbar/Thoracic/T2, T3 Sympathectomy (RF/Chemical)
● Ozonucleolysis (Cervical/Thoracic/Lumbar)
● Paravertebral & Psoas Compartment Block
● Piriformis & other Somatic Musculoskeletal Injections & other procedures of your
● SI Joint Block & RF Denervation
● Shoulder, Knee & Joint Blocks
● Stellate Ganglion Sympathectomy (RF/Chemical)
● Trigeminal/ Sphenopalatine/Glossopharyngeal RF/Chemical Blocks
● Vertebroplasty, Balloon Kyphoplasty, Sacroplasty

All the high-quality medical services and a dedicated team of surgeons has made Germanten Hospital a well-known name in the field. In 2019, Times of India graded it as the Best Emerging Orthopedic Hospital. It was also named as the Best Orthopedic Hospital in South India by Economic Times 2021. We also have specialized diagnostic facilities that offer laboratory, pathology, radiology, and imaging services. All the operation theatres have a high-advanced laminar airflow for total infection control.

Germanten also offers the highest quality services in terms of postoperative rehabilitation. There are 200+ beds, high advanced ICU and critical care facilities that have a 24 hours anesthesia and critical care team. Here are some other facilities offered at Germanten Hospital that sets it apart from other hospitals:

● BrainLab Navigation system to ensure the precise surgical result
● Intraoperative Nerve Monitoring systems for disc lesion and sciatica surgery
● Microsurgery and fusion procedure under 3D Image intensifier with flat-panel
● Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery using Lasers
● Percutaneous Endoscopic Lumbar Discectomy (PELD)
● Spinal Endoscopy under local anesthesia

The brilliant orthopedic team at the Germanten Hospital is led by one of the most acclaimed orthopedic surgeons in the country, Dr. Mir Jawad Khan. He does an amazing job in leading the top medical professionals of the orthopedic field at Germanten. His commitment to delivering the best and 20+ years of working experience have earned him quite a reputation in the field. To celebrate his achievements and effort, he was awarded the title of Best Doctor by the ex-CM of Joint Andhra Pradesh & Former Governor Tamilnadu, Shri Roshaiah Garu in 2018. In 2019, he was honoured with the Vaida Ratna Award by the Honourable Health Minister of Telangana, Shree Etala Rajendra.

It’s because of Dr. Jawad’s efforts that Germanten has managed to advance the field of nonsurgical treatments for neck and back pain. Through the combined efforts of the team at the Germanten, patients are able to have a better and happier life. Also, it has helped Germanten become the top specialist hospital in Hyderabad for treating neck and back pain through non-surgical procedures. It offers a wide range of options that ensures that you get the best treatment at an affordable price.

Germanten aims to provide the highest quality of medical treatment for its patients. So, if you are experiencing back and neck pain and want a more substantial treatment than medications and exercise, you can contact the specialists at the Germanten Hospitals.