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Partial Knee Replacement


At Germanten Hospital, we perform the Robotic Knee Replacement procedure that provides safe and accurate bone removal and implant placement consistently. The procedure will start with a routine investigation through X-Ray and CT Scan. They might have to undergo a 3D CT Scan through which the surgeon can create the knee’s virtual model. It is used for determining the depth, size, plane alignment, and Coronal rotation of the implant.
This is a complicated surgical procedure. The specialists at the Germanten Hospital ensure that proper pre-planning is done before the procedure. This way, the quality and effectiveness of the operation are highly improved.
Osteoarthritis is a condition caused when the Articular surfaces are prematurely worn causing severe damage to the knee’s cartilage. In cases where conservative treatments and physiotherapy are no longer enough, surgical intervention can become mandatory. Depending on the damage on the joint, partial or total knee replacement will be recommended. Partial Knee Replacement is a surgical procedure in which only the damaged part of the knee is covered and most of the joint cartilage and ligaments are left intact. This is less invasive as it has reduced recovery time and less scarring. Dr. Mir Jawad Zar Khan specializes in this surgical approach

Germanten Hospital has a team of surgeons and medical professionals with years of knee replacement surgery experience. Led by Dr. Mir Jawad Zar Khan, the orthopedics team performs the robotic partial knee replacement surgery.

The treatment starts with a thorough evaluation and planning before the operation to decide the success rate of the procedure. A lot of time is dedicated to this phase to get optimum results. In some cases, it might get revealed during the pre-operative tests that other health conditions can influence the surgery’s outcome. So, the doctors take appropriate steps to ensure that the result of the procedure is not impacted because of the said conditions. We follow all safety standards and guidelines to facilitate healing in all the patients.

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