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Intraoperative neurophysiologic monitoring, neurophysiologic, neuro
  • Microsurgery and fusion procedure under 3D Image intensifier with flat panel technology
  • Brain Lab Navigation system to ensure precise surgical result
  • Intra operative Nerve Monitoring systems for disc lesion and sciatica surgery
  • Spinal Endoscopy under local anesthesia
  • Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery using Lasers
  • Percutaneous Endoscopic Lumbar Disectomy (PELD)
  • where patients can go home in 12hours post surgery

There are a lot of questions the patients might have before spine surgery, like what is it be like to undergo spine surgery in India, or is it really needed to go for spine surgery, and what is the best surgical method etc. Whatever your mind says, the primary purpose remains the same, and that is to ease the pain you are suffering from.

The spine is the backbone or the back support of your body. If your Spine has such problem which can be corrected physically like spinal stenosis, slip disc or spondylitis- you might need to go for a surgery.


Even we can’t deny the fact the medical industry is evolving every passing day. There are multiple hospital chains and teams of experienced doctors who offer the same types of treatment methods. Then what makes us different?

  • Multi-Disciplinary and Knowledgeable Team: Even you know that when you arrive at the hospital, it is not the doctor you meet in the first place. To treat a health condition, there is the teamwork of the entire hospital team, which includes the front desk personnel, laboratory scientists, doctors, and supporting nurses. At Germanten, we make sure that we have the best and knowledgeable team in each part of the surgical procedure.
  • Testing and Diagnosing: Before opting for any surgery, our Spine Specialists in Hyderabad make sure that the problem can get solved without surgery. Till the time your problem can get reversed through medication we don’t prescribe our patients to go for any kind of surgery.
  • Well-Equipped Operating Theaters: We have all the modern and advanced technological and medical equipment which are required to perform the diagnosis, surgeries and even can provide better aftercare to our patients.
  • Positive and Hygienic Environment: When it is about treating our patients, we keep hygiene to the priority. A hygienic ambience helps the patients to get recovered quickly. We keep up a positive ambience to aid the recovery.


This question might peep to your head too, as nowadays there are not only the traditional surgical method to treat any problem. Non-invasive treatment methods have also become a part of spine surgery method. When a patient comes to us with an extremity symptom, we first try to get an evaluation of the previous and the past medicinal background of the patient.

If the pain is considerably low in the back and the beck area, our best spine surgeon in Hyderabad tries to get it solved by prescribing several physical activities to the patient. But if the pain is not getting managed through physical exercises, over the counter drugs or other pain management medication, we opt for spinal surgery at the end.

In this case, the time and the appropriate surgery method help the patient to get healed. In most of the cases we have solved in Germanten, we have noticed and came to a conclusion is that the vast majority of patients with spine problem can be treated without surgery.

The surgical spine treatment includes the complete exposure of the anatomy, where the non-surgical methods can be done with less exposure to anatomy. The non-surgical method helps the patients to get recovered quickly, where the surgical treating method focuses on the long-term benefit from the health condition of the patient. But you need to know more about both of them:

Surgical Spine Treatment:

Spine surgery is a better treating option when other medications haven’t worked effectively to reverse the pain in your body. The surgery relieves the pain or numbness, which spreads through your arms and legs.

The symptoms of spinal pain are often caused by compressed nerves in your spine. The nerves can get compressed for multiple reasons like slip disc problem, overgrowth of bone etc. Most of the time, the most challenging task is to find out the real cause of your back pain, even though your X-Ray imaging. There are different types of surgical spine treatment, which include:

  • Discectomy: In this process, the herniated part of the disc is removed to relieve the pain and inflammation of the spine. This surgical method generally offers a partial or complete removal of the back vertebra to access the ruptured disc.
  • Laminectomy: If any bone is overlaying the spinal canal, that can be removed through this surgical method. If you are feeling the pain due to spinal stenosis, this process is the perfect one to enlarging the spinal canal and receiving the nerve pressure.
  • Fusion: In this process, two or more bones are connected to your spine. This process adds stability to a spinal fracture, and the relieves the pain caused by it. Patients who suffer from degenerated or injured disk are prescribed to go for this surgery method.
  • Artificial Disc: This is an alternative treatment method for fusion. It works in the same way by reducing the painful movement between two bones.

Non-Surgical Spine Treatment:

It is not always true that the traditional surgical method only can solve the purpose of easing your pain. Our Spine Specialists in Hyderabad have experienced team of surgeons who are following Non-Surgical treatment procedure since more extended period now.

The fundamental difference between a surgical and non-surgical treatment is the healing time post-surgery. Where a traditional surgical treatment includes more incisions to the affected area or the patient’s body, the non-surgical treating method eases the pain without any cut or slit. But how is that possible?

We generally consider surgeries to be a painful method, even after the operation has been performed. In many cases, our doctors offer non-surgical or minimally invasive treatments to our patients, which includes:

  • Several Injections: Which are injected around your spinal cord to temporarily or permanently reduce the pain in your spine
  • Epidural Injection: This is an anti-inflammatory therapeutic medication procedure which is injected near the affected nerve. It reduces the pain and also reduces the inflammation
  • Facet Joint Injection: This injection is used for both the purposes: therapeutic and diagnostic. Patient s who suffer from degenerative arthritic condition is injected with this. It can be injected directly to the joint nerves, which are causing pain.
  • Sacroiliac Injection: This is very similar to the Facet joint injection. Between the Sacrum and the Ileum, the sacroiliac joint is present. It is also known as pelvic bones. This injection procedure is done under X-ray guidance.
  • Provocation Discography: This is a diagnostic medication procedure. It does not relieve the pain, rather it is known for reproducing the pain, to understand the root source of the pain, when other treatment procedures fail to diagnose appropriately.
  • Laser Discectomy: In this method, we use a small laser to vaporize and remove the small portion of the pain-causing tissue. It helps to reduce the size of the disc and the decrease the pain and the pressure on your nerves.
  • Medication: We have typical pain medication to treat your spinal pain, including oral steroids, narcotic drugs, drugs for relaxing muscles, and even anti-depressants. Most of the pain reliever we provide to our patients are focused upon taking care of their general health as well.
  • Heat or Ice: Application of heat and cold pad together can work as an excellent therapy for spinal pain. Some people find this treatment working best for them.
  • Therapeutic Massage: Well, how we can miss the medication procedure. Though this method doesn’t include any intake of medicine or steroids, it helps to improve the blood flow and reduce the muscle stiffness while reducing the pain.
  • Manual Manipulation: A chiropractor or qualified osteopathic doctor can apply this treatment. This procedure helps the patients by reducing the pressure on sensitive structures. It increases flexibility and blood flow while it also reduces muscle tensions.

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