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How To Sleep With A Broken Shoulder?

How to sleep with a broken shoulder

How To Sleep With A Broken Shoulder?

Shoulder fracture may give you intense pain and suffering. Moreover, your sleep might get disrupted by excruciating pain. However, one of the biggest challenges with a fractured shoulder is to find a perfect sleeping position. One question that keeps recurring in your mind is how to sleep with a broken shoulderIn addition, you may fear tampering with your recovery process by tossing and turning on the bed. 

To sleep comfortably with a broken shoulder, your doctor may suggest specific instructions on maintaining a correct posture while sleeping. 

How to sleep in bed with a broken shoulder? 

Sleeping with a broken shoulder is a daunting task. You may worry about waking up with intense pain in the morning. It is because you cannot control body movements while sleeping. Moreover, the frequent tossing and turning may worsen your condition. Your doctor may suggest ways to prepare your bed for pain-free and undisturbed sleep.  

You may follow the instructions mentioned below if you need answers to ‘how to sleep with a fractured shoulder.’ 

  • Adjust your position for sound sleep
    Adopt an elevated position to sleep with a broken shoulder. Sleeping in this position prevents swelling in the fractured region. Moreover, it prevents blood accumulation at the injury site. Increased swelling may distort the recovery process and lead to pain in the affected area.To prevent further injuries at the fractured site, lay down on your bed and try not to overturn. You may use a few pillows to avoid overturning. The cushions provide support and firmness on both sides of your body. In addition, you may put a pillow under your bedsheet to keep yourself stable. If you do not feel comfortable using numerous pillows, you may sleep on an armchair or sofa. Sleeping on the couch or armchair provides stability to your broken shoulder and restricts your movements during the night.


  • Dress comfortably
    Your doctor will put a cast around your shoulder to heal the fractured bones. However, it may put pressure on your bones and restrict your movements. Moreover, if you have developed a broken shoulder in the summers, you may feel hot in a cast. Therefore, it is crucial to wear light and comfortable clothes. For example, if you cannot lift your arms, you may wear button-down shirts. In addition, loose cotton t-shirts are an excellent option to wear. Since a cast makes you limb longer, you must choose comfortable clothes. Moreover, you can try moisture-wicking cotton clothes. These clothes are suitable to fight the hot weather.


  • Sleep alone
    If you have a partner, they may have to make adjustments in their sleeping position. Moreover, you may develop a fear of hitting your partner with your cast. Therefore, it is better to sleep alone until the broken bone gets healed. You may take time to find the best sleeping position with a fractured shoulder. Therefore, it is better to sleep alone for the first few days. Instead of sharing a bed with your partner, you may use your living room. If you think about how do you sleep with a broken shoulder, you may sleep on a recliner to keep your shoulder elevated and prevent further swelling. In addition, you may use a couch to sleep.
  • Take doctor’s prescribed pain medications.
    Your fractured shoulder may cause intense pain in the beginning. To control extreme pain, you must take the medicines prescribed by your doctor. Severe shoulder pain may disturb your sleep and recovery process. In the initial days, you must take proper rest for better recovery. During the first few weeks of your recovery process, you must consume the prescribed medicines as suggested by your doctor.


If you feel taking the pain medications is not helpful, you can discuss it with doctor. They may change your dosages or advise you to take other drugs. As the days progress and you witness a change in your condition, you may rely on over-the-counter medicines for pain management

You may follow these tips to sleep comfortably with a broken shoulder. For more information on how do you sleep with a broken shoulder, you may contact Germanten Hospitals. Our expert orthopaedic doctors will examine your broken bone to suggest the right after-care tips.