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Common Shoulder Related Issues

common shoulder related issues

Common Shoulder Related Issues

Common Shoulder Related Issues

Our shoulders are one of the most movable joints in our body. With the help of our shoulder, we can move our arms across the body, reach up and behind. The shoulder joint is mainly made of three bones – the humerus, the clavicle and the scapula. It is anchored by tendons, muscles and ligaments to hold it in a stable position. Since the ball of the upper arm is bigger than the socket holding it, the shoulder can be unstable and is prone to problems and injuries. There can be many reasons behind shoulder pains – strains, falls, blows, accidents, daily wear and tear, repetitive motion and medical conditions.

Some common shoulder injuries are-

1. Dislocations – When the top of the arm bone comes partially or completely out of the shoulder socket, it is called a shoulder dislocation.This can happen if the shoulder is hit hard or if there is a tear or a stretch in the ligaments that keep the shoulder bones stable.
2. Fractures – A crack or break in the bone is called a fracture. It can be along the bone’s length or across the bone. Shoulder fractures can occur from an impact such as a sports injury or an accident, in younger people.For older people, shoulder fractures can occur due to taking a fall. When someone has a shoulder fracture, they can face some difficulty moving their arm. They might also experience swelling or bruising around the shoulder.
3. Arthritis – When the cartilage between bones breaks down, the bones rub together causing wear and tear. This leads to pain and stiffness in the shoulder joint. This condition is called arthritis. The most common form of arthritis is osteoarthritis. Another type of arthritis called rheumatoid arthritis is a condition where the body’s immune system attacks the protective lining in the joints.
4. Strains and sprains – When the ligament gets pulled in the wrong way, it can get torn or stretched causing a sprain in the shoulder.
5. Tendinitis – When the rotator cuff tendons get inflamed and irritated, that condition is called tendinitis. Sometimes, when a certain activity is performed again and again, like golfing or pitching, or due to the usual wear and tear, small tears develop in the tendons. It might hurt when someone with tendinitis tries to lift their arms.
6. Separations – The acromioclavicular joint is the joint where the shoulder blade and collarbone come together. A hard blow to the shoulder or a fall can tear the ligaments that hold the AC joint together. When the collarbone pops out of the place, this injury is called separation.
7. Bursitis – When we move, our tendons slide over our bones. To make this easier, small sacs of fluid called bursae are present in our shoulders.When the shoulder joints are overused, the bursae become inflamed and swollen. This condition is called bursitis. It is painful to use the shoulders even for the most basic tasks.
8. Impingement – When the tendons of the rotator cuff get pinched in the shoulder’s bones, it is called impingement. It is painful and can cause swelling. This happens when the arms are lifted over the head a lot.
9. Cartilage tear – A tear in the cartilage also occurs when a certain motion is performed over and over again. It can also get hurt due to a fall or when the shoulder absorbs a great amount of force. When you feel like your shoulder is locking, catching or grinding, then you can suspect a tear in the cartilage.
10. Frozen shoulder – When adhesions (abnormal tissue bands) form in the joint, they don’t allow the shoulder to move freely. This can happen when due to some reason, you’re not able to move your shoulder. This
condition is called a frozen shoulder. The common symptoms of shoulder problems include swelling, inflammation,pain, stiffness and bruising.


Depending upon the type of shoulder problem or injury, your doctor may use a sling, suggest rest, ice or heat and medicine for the pain, or surgery. When the injuries are severe, at-home treatments don’t work. At Germanten Hospital, we have a dedicated team of physicians, orthopaedic surgeons and physiotherapists, led by Dr Mir Jawad Khan, who is an expert in the diagnosis and surgical as well as non-surgical treatment of the shoulder. He has over two decades of experience in the field. To celebrate his achievements and effort, he has been felicitated with the title of Best Doctor by the ex-CM of Joint Andhra Pradesh & Former Governor Tamilnadu, Shri Roshaiah Garu in 2018. In 2019,he was honoured with the Vaida Ratna Award by the Honourable Health Minister of Telangana, Shree Etala Rajendra.

At Germanten Hospital, each operation theatre has a high-advanced laminar airflow for total infection control. With over 200 beds, Germanten Hospital has earned the title of Best Emerging Orthopaedic Hospital in India, awarded by the Times of India in 2019. It has also been named the Best Orthopedic Hospital in South India by the Economic Times 2021. We use our shoulders for the smallest movements, hence it is important to protect them.
● If a large part of your day involves working at a desk, then you need to ensure that your chair offers proper support for the back.
● Maintain a good posture.
● You should also take a break and move and stretch once every hour.
● Whenever you need to lift something heavy, the proper technique should be used. Instead of bending from your waist, you should bend your knees for the power and keep your back straight.
● If you need to reach for something heavy over your head, using a ladder or a stool is a better option to prevent any shoulder injuries.