Patients speak

Abdul Islam

I have gone with the hip replacement and I am very lucky to have done this operation by Dr.Mir Jawad Zar khan sir
and team thank you so much for giving such a good life ahead.

Anil Ahuja

I am Anil Ahuja age 65 years old from Delhi, suffering constant knee pain since 5 of my friends suggested
Dr Mir Jawad zar khan sir, I underwent total knee replacement surgery and able to walk within 5 days of surgery.
thanks to Germanten Hospitals and team

Deepika Rawat

The hospital is too good and the infrastructure and staff are very decent. The surgery was done very well.
The doctor is good. We are very pleased.

Mr Al Bhulashi

Mr Al Bhulashi

I have come from Saudi to Hyderabad for treatment of my leg. After meeting Dr Mir Jawad zar khan, I felt very happy with the way he treated me. I have never met a doctor in my life who takes so much care of his patients. Thank you so much, Doctor. Have A Long Life


Patient age 68yrs was suffering from gross deformity of both knees from 20years .Dr.Mir Jawad Zar Khan operated and corrected both knees perfectly by knee replacement surgery.


Mrs Shaiksuann 59 years old from Kadapa district Jamalamadugu. she suffered from both knee pains since from 2 years .one of her family members suggested Dr.Mir Jawad Zar khan.