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9 Lesser-Known Tips for Easing Neck Pain
9 Lesser-Known Tips for Easing Neck Pain

Here are 9 lesser known tips for easing neck pain which you should know if you often suffer from neck pain:   Opt for a neck supporting chair When you sit in a position leaning your head in the forward direction adds up the pressure exerted on your spine. Therefore, a small thing like maintaining […]

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what are the signs & symptoms of arthritis
What are the signs and symptoms of Arthritis

What Are The Early Signs Of Arthritis? In the fast and active world that we live in today, our lifestyle may sometimes adversely affect our health. Arthritis is a situation that you might experience due to an unhealthy lifestyle. However, the problem can easily be treated if detected early, receiving proper medical care and discipline. […]

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why do athletes suffer from muscle cramp
Why do athletes suffer from cramp?

Scientists are still perplexed about the reasons for cramps in athletes. Here is a detailed explanation of the factors causing cramps and the methods preventing muscle cramps in athletes.  Definition Of A Muscle Cramp Muscle cramps can be defined as sudden, involuntary and spasmodic contractions in some particular muscles of the body. It might prevent […]

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what are common sports injuries
What are common sports injuries?

An athlete is a person who has a grip on overall games, highly in control of his body’s senses and movement. Athletics involves competitive walking, running, jumping and throwing. It is beneficial in building good physical health and improves the functioning of vital organs like lungs, heart, mental health, and strength. However, some of these […]

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5 signs you should see an orthopedic spine specialist

As per recent reports, back pain is one of the world’s leading causes of disability. Men and women of every age experience lower back pain once in their lifetimes. Although it may seem like an everyday problem, it may not be wise to ignore it if the pain is extreme and frequent. In such a […]

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Robotic knee replacement in hyderabad
7 Things You Should Know About Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery

Arthritis is a chronic disease and does not have any cure. However, technological advancements have helped millions worldwide. If you suffer from extreme pain due to osteoarthritis, robotic knee replacement surgery with relief and has a short recovery time.  In a knee replacement surgery, the impaired tissue of the knee is replaced with an artificial […]

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how do i know my elbow injury is serious
How Do I know If My Elbow Injury Is Serious?

Despite being a small joint, the elbow is an integral part of our body. It is a composite joint consisting of cartilage, ligaments, fluid, muscles, tendons and bones. It helps us to execute different activities like rotation, extension or flexing and sometimes a combination of all these movements. Due to the ability of our elbow […]

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How to relieve knee pain
How to relieve knee pain?

The knees are the largest joints in the human body. They are the joints that are most used in your body which makes it more likely for you to experience pain. Pain in the knees is a quite common problem, experienced by a lot of people. In most cases, the pain can be subdued with […]

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