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22 Jun 2022
why yourr child should see a pediatric orthopedic doctor

Why Your Child Should See a Pediatric Orthopedic Doctor ?

What Is Pediatric Orthopedics?

A branch of medical science committed to preventing, diagnosing, and treating joints, muscles, and bone injuries in children is referred to as pediatric orthopedics. A pediatric orthopedic doctor is a medical professional responsible for the prevention and treatment of orthopedic diseases and injuries in children between infants and teenagers.

Pediatric orthopedic surgeons, also referred to as pediatric orthopedists, can perform surgical procedures if necessary after the other treatments like braces, limbs, casts, etc., have failed to be effective treatment.

Since they are still in a growth phase, their muscle, joint and bone makeup are quite different from the adults. That’s why they are not attended by the regular orthopedists. Instead, children are usually referred to pediatric orthopedic doctors by their pediatricians if they experience bone, muscle or joint issues. 

Children’s bodies constantly change and evolve, so it is quite common for parents to mistake minor issues for massive abnormalities. So you must consult with the pediatrician before deciding on making an appointment at a childrens ortho clinic.

What Do Pediatric Orthopedic Doctors Do?

Pediatric orthopedists are medical professionals who use surgical and other therapies to treat orthopedic illnesses and injuries. These medical professionals work with the parents to create the best, most suitable treatment plan for their children.

These specialists not only attend to the children’s physical ailments but also talk to them about how they feel as every child processes their ailments in a different manner. 

To be a qualified pediatric orthopedic surgeon, a person must complete:

  • Graduation from a board-certified and accredited medical college
  • A five-year resident training program
  • One-year subspeciality training in pediatric spinal deformity and pediatric orthopedics

After they complete these requirements, a medical professional will be ready to treat orthopedic illnesses and injuries in children. Their medical education, extensive training and practical experience enable them to treat orthopedic ailments in children more effectively. 

Why See A Pediatric Orthopedist?

Thanks to their specialisation, children are referred to pediatric orthopedists for the treatments related to the joints, bones and muscles by their child specialists. Here are a few reasons to visit a childrens ortho clinic

  • Scoliosis
  • Bone and joint infections
  • Problems walking
  • Spinal issues
  • Nerve issues
  • Issues moving
  • Growth abnormalities
  • Broken bones
  • Clubfoot
  • Sports injuries
  • Foot or ankle surgeries
  • Limb deformities

But if you think you need help from a pediatric orthopedist, it would be best to first get in touch with a pediatrician. 

What To Expect From A Pediatric Orthopedist?

The first thing you should remember while visiting the pediatric orthopedist for the first time is to bring all the medical documents that may be necessary for the diagnosis and treatment of your child. You should also bring medical insurance documents just in case you need them for the treatment. Then, during the initial consultation, you and your child will have to try and explain the symptoms along with the medical history. Make sure your child wears loosely fitted, comfortable clothing during this consultation so that there can be free motion during the diagnosis process. 

Then, the pediatric orthopedist will talk to the child to understand their issues and create a treatment plan accordingly. There may also be some physical examinations along with some imaging diagnosis tests like X-Ray, CT Scan or MRI, depending on the ailments and symptoms. 

After completing the diagnosis process, the pediatric orthopedist will devise and discuss the treatment plan, depending on the severity of the symptoms. If the symptoms are not very severe, the doctor may first suggest a cast, braces, or physiotherapy. But if the results are not positive enough, they may move on to surgical procedures.

Children are often scared to go to a doctor. That’s why you will notice that pediatric orthopedists work quite differently compared to regular orthopedists. The offices or clinics of pediatric orthopedic doctors are decorated in a way to make children feel more comfortable during the consultation and diagnosis. 

Children are often more active than adults, which means they are quite prone to orthopedic illnesses and injuries. Sometimes, a gentle kiss and a bandage on the “Boo Boo” may be enough. But if the wound or injury is more severe, there will be a need to visit a pediatric orthopedist. 

For being a pediatric orthopedist, the doctor needs not only to be proficient in the treatment of muscle, bone and joint injuries and illnesses but also to be an expert in treating delicate musculoskeletal conditions. They can also help your child during critical bone and muscle growth. 

If you want your child’s treatment with a pediatric orthopedic surgeon, come over to Germanten Hospital, one of the best childrens ortho clinics. So book your appointment with our experts today!


12 Jun 2022
Why Does My spine cracks so much

Why Does My Spine Crack So Much

Do you often wonder in agony why your spine cracks so much? If this issue gives you sleepless nights and unproductive days, you are in the right place. There are several possible reasons why your back bones crack so much. This article can even help you understand why your lower back cracks so much.

Structure of the spine

To get a deeper understanding of “Why does my spine crack so much”, you need to understand the anatomy of your spine. The spine consists of:

  • Spinal cord: It is a long thin bundle consisting of nerve fibres connecting the brain with the nerves of the entire body.
  • Meninges: This protective membrane around the brain and spine contains cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) and absorbs any shock.
  • Spinal column: It is made of 33 bones called the vertebrae. They are flexible, allowing easy movement.

If you want more information about the spinal structure, consult your orthopaedic doctor. They will not only help you prevent spinal injuries but also treat them effectively. 

What happens when your lower back cracks so much?

Here are the common theories explaining why your spine cracks so much:

  • Theory 1: Synovial fluid pressure
    A famous theory states that adjusting the bones and joints results in a gas release. Cracking the back or doing any movement stitches the capsules on the exterior side of the vertebrae around joints called facets joints. Further on stretching the capsules, the synovial joints within it get more space to move around. Thereby, it releases the pressure on the back joints and muscles, allowing movement of the facet joints.

    On releasing this pressure, the synovial fluid changes to gaseous form and makes your back bones crack so much with the popping and snapping sound. The change of the synovial fluid from liquid to gas is called boiling or cavitation. 

  • Theory 2: Other gases
    The second theory is also based on and related to gas. It is usually believed that common gases like nitrogen, carbon dioxide and oxygen accumulate in the joints with time. They are, furthermore, in cases where the joint placement is improper, like slouching, hunching or sitting for long durations. The gas is then released when you move around or stretch your joints in a particular manner resulting in your back cracking so much.

If you are looking to understand why your upper or lower back cracks so much, consult with the experts at Germanten Hospital. We can help you counter the spinal issues you may be experiencing.


Why do we feel good about cracking our backs?

The reason to feel good on stretching after your lower back crack so much is the release of all the existing pressure. It also releases endorphins in the region. Endorphins are released from the pituitary gland, which controls the pain felt in a region. It also makes the process of cracking a bone to be a more satisfying experience. In a study, it was shown that the sound of bone cracking has a relieving impact on our brains.

What are the risks associated with it?

Before trying to stretch your back muscles on your own to release the tension or under the supervision of a trained professional, it should not cause sharp pain at any point in time. 

Here are some possible risks if you  stretch incorrectly and your back crack so much:

  • It can pinch a nerve in the spinal cord. It can cause extreme pain and limit your motion. 
  • It can result in strain on the muscle or even tear it. It can affect the neck, hip or any other muscles. It becomes difficult even to move around, and in rare cases, surgery is required.
  • It can result in permanently stretched back ligaments called perpetual instability. Thus, if your spine cracks so much now, you are at higher risk of osteoarthritis at an older age.
  • It can also cause injury to the blood vessels. It can result in severe complications like strokes, aneurysms, and brain injuries. Thus, even if you feel your back cracking so much, do not stretch on your own.

The stretching can be a little uncomfortable initially if you are not used to it or have stretched more than you should. However, if you feel extreme pain in your spinal cord at any moment, immediately stop it.

How to safely crack and release the pain?

The best way to safely crack the back is by stretching the muscles in a controlled manner in the presence of a trained professional. Practising yoga or pilates under professional guidance is helpful. Some light back exercises can also help make a quick adjustment.

05 Jun 2022
How to sleep with a broken shoulder

How To Sleep With A Broken Shoulder?

Shoulder fracture may give you intense pain and suffering. Moreover, your sleep might get disrupted by excruciating pain. However, one of the biggest challenges with a fractured shoulder is to find a perfect sleeping position. One question that keeps recurring in your mind is how to sleep with a broken shoulderIn addition, you may fear tampering with your recovery process by tossing and turning on the bed. 

To sleep comfortably with a broken shoulder, your doctor may suggest specific instructions on maintaining a correct posture while sleeping. 

How to sleep in bed with a broken shoulder? 

Sleeping with a broken shoulder is a daunting task. You may worry about waking up with intense pain in the morning. It is because you cannot control body movements while sleeping. Moreover, the frequent tossing and turning may worsen your condition. Your doctor may suggest ways to prepare your bed for pain-free and undisturbed sleep.  

You may follow the instructions mentioned below if you need answers to ‘how to sleep with a fractured shoulder.’ 

  • Adjust your position for sound sleep
    Adopt an elevated position to sleep with a broken shoulder. Sleeping in this position prevents swelling in the fractured region. Moreover, it prevents blood accumulation at the injury site. Increased swelling may distort the recovery process and lead to pain in the affected area.

    To prevent further injuries at the fractured site, lay down on your bed and try not to overturn. You may use a few pillows to avoid overturning. The cushions provide support and firmness on both sides of your body. In addition, you may put a pillow under your bedsheet to keep yourself stable. If you do not feel comfortable using numerous pillows, you may sleep on an armchair or sofa. Sleeping on the couch or armchair provides stability to your broken shoulder and restricts your movements during the night.


  • Dress comfortably
    Your doctor will put a cast around your shoulder to heal the fractured bones. However, it may put pressure on your bones and restrict your movements. Moreover, if you have developed a broken shoulder in the summers, you may feel hot in a cast. Therefore, it is crucial to wear light and comfortable clothes. For example, if you cannot lift your arms, you may wear button-down shirts. In addition, loose cotton t-shirts are an excellent option to wear. Since a cast makes you limb longer, you must choose comfortable clothes. Moreover, you can try moisture-wicking cotton clothes. These clothes are suitable to fight the hot weather.


  • Sleep alone
    If you have a partner, they may have to make adjustments in their sleeping position. Moreover, you may develop a fear of hitting your partner with your cast. Therefore, it is better to sleep alone until the broken bone gets healed. You may take time to find the best sleeping position with a fractured shoulder. Therefore, it is better to sleep alone for the first few days. Instead of sharing a bed with your partner, you may use your living room. If you think about how do you sleep with a broken shoulder, you may sleep on a recliner to keep your shoulder elevated and prevent further swelling. In addition, you may use a couch to sleep.
  • Take doctor’s prescribed pain medications.
    Your fractured shoulder may cause intense pain in the beginning. To control extreme pain, you must take the medicines prescribed by your doctor. Severe shoulder pain may disturb your sleep and recovery process. In the initial days, you must take proper rest for better recovery. During the first few weeks of your recovery process, you must consume the prescribed medicines as suggested by your doctor.


If you feel taking the pain medications is not helpful, you can discuss it with doctor. They may change your dosages or advise you to take other drugs. As the days progress and you witness a change in your condition, you may rely on over-the-counter medicines for pain management

You may follow these tips to sleep comfortably with a broken shoulder. For more information on how do you sleep with a broken shoulder, you may contact Germanten Hospitals. Our expert orthopaedic doctors will examine your broken bone to suggest the right after-care tips.

21 May 2022
9 Lesser-Known Tips for Easing Neck Pain

9 Lesser-Known Tips for Easing Neck Pain

Here are 9 lesser known tips for easing neck pain which you should know if you often suffer from neck pain:


  • Opt for a neck supporting chair

    When you sit in a position leaning your head in the forward direction adds up the pressure exerted on your spine. Therefore, a small thing like maintaining your head in its natural position on the cervical spine would go a long way to relieve neck pain. Likewise, a headrest would come in handy for relieving neck pain. Thus, if you are an office worker, use a chair with a headrest to position your head at ease on the headrest such that the ears are relaxed above the shoulders.

  • Use a water pillow

    One of the common problems faced by the patients is a lack of proper sleep due to severe neck pain, which results in a disturbing day. Although there is no stated pillow for relieving neck pain from sleeping, many patients have had positive improvements using a water pillow. A water pillow gives more control over the pillow’s firmness required to relieve the neck pain. The firmness can be controlled by increasing or decreasing the amount of water. A pillow with higher water content will be firmer than the one with less water.

  • Visit a physical therapist

    A physical therapy session is considered one of the best ways to ease a sore neck caused due to a given injury. It is usually due to sports injury or some accident. Physical therapy for the neck would be beneficial in:
  1. Targeting improper posture or habits which result in pain 
  2. Teach you how to avoid reinjuries 
  3. Strengthen the back muscles to prevent injury

So get in touch with a physical therapist to relieve neck pain from sleeping

  • Try gua sha

    Gua sha is a Chinese traditional medicinal way to enhance blood flow and clear blocked energy, thus easing neck pain. A trained practitioner would use a spoon and short strokes on the painful area, relieving neck pain. Though there is no scientific proof behind this technique, Gua Sha has benefited many people to relieve neck pain from sleeping.

  • Spend some time in the pool

    Swimming is an excellent way to relieve neck pain as it is a low impact exercise. In addition, while swimming, the water, thanks to buoyancy, reduces the spine muscles’ stress. Depending on the reason, ask your doctor which swimming strokes would be the best way to relieve neck pain.

  • Meditation

    You should consider including medication for a few minutes every day to reduce stress levels and ease neck pain. Some meditation exercises include controlling breath and guided meditation, such as feeling that the neck pain moves out through the arms to the fingers and eventually moves out of your body.

  • Maintain a journal

    One of the common reasons behind neck pain is stress. Maintaining a journal helps express emotions, reducing stress levels and enhancing clarity. If you don’t prefer writing, you can try out audio recordings for the purpose.

Also, maintaining the journal would help you identify the common triggers that worsened your pain.


  • Cognitive behavioural therapy

    The journey of finding what relieves neck pain and what triggers it can be exhausting and frustrating. A behavioural therapist would be helpful in how to take these challenges in a new way. With new ways to win over the challenge of relieving neck pain, you would be more motivated to follow your treatment.

    The scientific evidence on using cognitive behavioural therapy has had mixed results. However, some people have found it helpful to ease neck pain.

  • Posture while using your devices

    One of the most common causes of neck pain is improper posture while using mobiles, tablets, etc. Many fail to realise that improper posture while using the phone puts extra pressure on the cervical spine. Looking down to read from a phone or tablet for hours in a day makes the pain worse on the following day.

    Try to use a hands-free headset for calling. While texting or reading from the device, keep it at a higher angle than usual to ease neck pain. Always try to reduce the angle at which you have inclined your neck. Stay active and take breaks in between work. Stretch out your muscles and move around your neck to avoid stiffness.


Here we have discussed 9 lesser known tips for easing neck pain which would help you for sure. However, if you face continuous pain, it is better to seek medical advice. At Germanten Hospitals, our team of well-experienced doctors would ensure a speedy treatment and recovery for all your ailments. Contact us to know more.


15 May 2022
what are the signs & symptoms of arthritis

What are the signs and symptoms of Arthritis

What Are The Early Signs Of Arthritis?

In the fast and active world that we live in today, our lifestyle may sometimes adversely affect our health. Arthritis is a situation that you might experience due to an unhealthy lifestyle. However, the problem can easily be treated if detected early, receiving proper medical care and discipline. If you are looking for the signs and symptoms of arthritis, this article has everything you need to know. 

An overview of arthritis

Arthritis can be defined as a swelling of the joints of your bone. Although it generally affects people older than 65 years, it can occur in children and young adults as well.

The condition of arthritis does not have a treatment, but it can be kept in check if you receive the correct medical care and switch to a healthy lifestyle. There are different varieties of arthritis, and each type has a different treatment. According to medical science, there are around 100 types of arthritis that might affect you, and the most common types are rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. 

If you think you have rheumatology arthritis symptoms, visit Germanten Hospital. Our expert doctors can also provide you with a detailed rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis

Common signs and symptoms of arthritis

A few of the most common signs and symptoms of arthritis are frequent joint pain, swelling, stiffness, etc. You can easily observe if you have one of these symptoms or all of them. 

Apart from this, you can also experience a drastic decrease in the range of your movement and even observe some redness in the skin around a particular joint. Additionally, you can also feel feverish or other intense diseases, and the level of your red blood cells might also decrease. The factors mentioned above are some ways by which you can understand the signs of arthritis. 

With the proper consultation and medical treatment, the symptoms can be identified at the right time. It will also help you take preventive measures against any attack. You should not worry about the problems of arthritis as there are many treatments available to keep it in check. 

If you observe rheumatology arthritis symptoms, visit Germanten Hospitals.

How to understand if you have arthritis?

The condition of arthritis can be detected in the early stages with the help of proper medical examination and diagnosis. The early signs and symptoms of arthritis are quite easy to detect.  

Extreme fatigue is one of the most common and the earliest signs of arthritis, especially RA. During this time, you are likely to get fatigued very quickly, especially while doing strenuous physical activities like walking or running. Apart from this, you can also experience severe depression and excessive tiredness. All of this can happen several months before arthritis sets in. 

One of the most critical signs of arthritis is stiffness in the morning. Despite lasting for a short duration, it might increase over time as your arthritis progresses. 

Some of the early signs of arthritis are experiencing stiffness in the joints of your bone. This pain can occur at any point of the day, irrespective of you being involved in physical activity. You will experience this stiffness starting from the joints in your hand and later spreading to the other parts of your body. Usually, you will not feel this stiffness in multiple joints over your body within a short period. You may also feel the stiffness in your fingers, knees, wrists, feet, ankles or shoulders. 

If you experience inflammation and swelling in the area around your joints, then it might advance to severe arthritis. You might also feel some warmth in the areas around your joints with inflammation. 

Another symptom of the onset of arthritis is feeling feverish. You can understand if you show signs of Rheumatoid Arthritis or RA if you feel feverish and observe swelling. 


It must be clear by now if you feel arthritis symptoms in your feet or other body parts. If it is detected early, make sure to visit your doctor and get treatment immediately. Arthritis can be prevented to an extent with the help of proper lifestyle, discipline and good treatment. 

Are you looking for rheumatologist Then visit Germanten Hospitals as we have excellent facilities to provide the patients with a comprehensive rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis. You can also visit us if you have general queries about arthritis pain and other symptoms.

15 May 2022
Best hospital for Acl surgery

If You Are Looking For The Best Hospital For ACL Surgery In Hyderabad

ACL tear is one of the most common ligament injuries. In case your ACL is damaged, it needs surgery. Orthopaedic doctors perform a vast number of ACL surgeries every year. Unfortunately, ACL surgery recovery time can be quite long in case of too much damage.

To move forward with the surgery, the doctor would need to examine the extent of ligament damage and physical activity rate. 

If your doctor has suggested surgery, ask about ACL surgery cost, recovery time, and what happens before, during and after the surgery. The knowledge would help you feel more comfortable about the surgery and its outcomes.

How to prepare for an ACL surgery?

It is helpful to take physical therapy before the surgery to build up strength in the knee muscles. Also, follow a well balanced nutritious diet to prepare your body. After the surgery, you will be using crutches for walking. So arrange your house to make space for yourself. 

Which graft should I use?

There are two kinds of grafts: autograft (taken from the patient’s body) and allograft (obtained from a donor). The doctor will decide the type of graft for suitable results as per the patient’s condition. For instance, allografts are not a suitable option for children. 

What is the recovery time?

The ACL surgery recovery time varies from patient to patient depending on several factors, including the extent of physical activities, damage to the ligaments, etc. For example,  ACL surgery recovery time for athletes maybe around 6 to 12 months or even more than a year. However, some activities, including walking without the support of crutches, driving, and returning to daily life, would indicate progress in 2-6 weeks. 

Before the surgery, you could get more insights into the surgery with the doctor. You may also prepare a list of all your queries and clear them in your appointment. It would help you be more confident about the process of the surgery and thus lead to a successful result.

Having your treatment with an excellent hospital would help you with the best results and recovery. So you may contact Germanten Hospital, one of the best hospitals for knee ligament surgery. With modern infrastructure and advanced technology, we have always stood by the side of our patients. So visit our website and book a consultation for an affordable ACL reconstruction surgery cost

Benefits of ACL surgery

Commonly, football, soccer, and basketball athletes suffer from ACL tears and other injuries. It results in extreme pain and limited movement. To resume the sport, it is suggested you undergo ACL reconstruction surgery.

ACL surgery cost is more affordable in India as compared to the UK, USA, etc. Thanks to the availability of highly skilled orthopaedic doctors, modern technologies and infrastructure, the doctors in India can provide the most effective results.

If you want more information about ACL reconstruction surgery costs, you may contact Germanten Hospitals. We have the best surgeons who have performed thousands of surgeries and provided recovery to the patients. Our expertise and patient satisfaction rate have made us one of the best hospitals for ACL surgery. So wait no more and get the best treatment from Germanten Hospitals. Contact us and book an appointment now.

What are the signs and symptoms of an ACL injury?

The following are the symptoms of ACL injury:

  • A pop sound in the knee
  • Extreme pain in the knee
  • Rapid inflammation
  • Inability to move freely
  • Unable to hold eve light weights due to instability in the knees

If you are experiencing the above-mentioned symptoms, look for an orthopaedic hospital with the best ACL surgery costs.

ACL reconstruction surgery options in India

An ACL injury is a common injury caused due to contact or no contact mechanism with other objects. The injury is more common for athletes in intense sports like soccer, basketball or football due to rapid hyperextension of knee joint twists. 

If you have an injury in your ligament, you must see a doctor as soon as possible. So come over to Germanten Hospital, as we have some of the best ACL surgeons in Hyderabad. In addition, we have associations with some excellent orthopaedic surgeons in the entire country with the potential of providing you with the best treatment. 

So want to know more about ACL surgery cost and recovery time? Then contact the experts at Germanten Hospital to get the complete information.


06 May 2022
why do athletes suffer from muscle cramp

Why do athletes suffer from cramp?

Scientists are still perplexed about the reasons for cramps in athletes. Here is a detailed explanation of the factors causing cramps and the methods preventing muscle cramps in athletes

Definition Of A Muscle Cramp

Muscle cramps can be defined as sudden, involuntary and spasmodic contractions in some particular muscles of the body. It might prevent you from participating in any athletic activity. 

Other effects of muscle cramps are extreme contractions in the legs after intense training sessions. The contractions generally occur at night, and you might also experience violent hamstring spasms. 

Although the occurrence of muscle cramps in athletes are fairly common and studied extensively, no definite cause of this problem has been determined yet. However, you can gradually reduce your muscle cramps. Athlete leg cramps can be reduced by changing your lifestyle, diet and expectation of your body. If you are looking for ways for preventing muscle cramps in athletes, here are some methods by which you can do so. 

Athlete leg cramps are fairly common and can be painful and prevent you from playing. However, you can visit Germanten Hospital and get treatment from excellent doctors who help in preventing leg cramps in athletes

What causes cramps in athletes?

Two main theories explain the occurrence of cramps in athletes:

  • Dehydration or Electrolyte theory: It is the most conventional theory explaining the reason behind the occurrence of muscle cramps in athletes. It states that cramps are caused due to a fluid imbalance or electrolyte imbalance in the body. The situation is caused due to a lack of sodium in the body, resulting in the contraction of the interstitial fluid present around muscles. It also causes disturbances in nerve impulses which leads to cramps.

The theory is determined by several case studies, observations, anecdotes and experts’ opinions. However, despite having enough situational evidence behind it, the theory is not backed by enough Randomised Controlled Trials (RCTs). Therefore, it is very essential by proponents of proof-based practice so that it can be considered as a fact. 

If you search for muscle cramps in football players, you can get a thorough idea on the internet. A study has found that intaking sodium instead of placebo drinks have helped in preventing muscle cramps in athletes. Another study in 2021 concluded that water consisting of electrolytes also works as remedies for leg cramps in athletes. 

  • Neuromuscular Theory: The theory explaining muscle cramps in athletes has been developed in recent years. It stresses the fact that overload in the muscles and neuromuscular fatigue are the main reasons behind the occurrence of exercise-associated muscle cramps. The fatigue contributes to the imbalances between the excitatory impulses produced by the muscle spindles and inhibitory impulses produced by Golgi tendon organs. 

If you are looking for athletic muscle cramps treatment, you can visit Germanten Hospital. Our expert doctors can diagnose the problem and help in preventing muscle cramps in athletes.

Scientific Study Of Cramps

The study of factors causing leg cramps during football has concluded that the cramps occur due to an increase in the levels of excitatory activity in the fatigued muscles. The muscles appear to be sending more impulses than necessary. It demonstrates the fact that excess fatigue prevents the muscles from relaxing. 

Still, there are several field studies that have not been able to find any significant difference between the blood electrolyte condition of the athletes who experience cramps during triathlons or marathons. The situation is contradictory to the dehydration or electrolyte theory. It focuses on the fact that if there are no differences in the electrolyte levels in campers and non-campers, it does not determine the occurrence of cramps. However, this study does not consider the fact that the electrolyte levels are fairly constant despite the levels of sodium being different. 

However, you should remember that the reasons behind cramps are not limited to only two theories. But since there is no concrete evidence behind the occurrence of cramps, we can assume any of the two theories. Therefore, you can search for muscle cramps football players to get a detailed explanation on the matter. 

Germaten Hospital can help in preventing leg cramps in athletes, and you can find us if you search for muscle cramps for football players online. So book your appointments today!


29 Apr 2022
what are common sports injuries

What are common sports injuries?

An athlete is a person who has a grip on overall games, highly in control of his body’s senses and movement. Athletics involves competitive walking, running, jumping and throwing. It is beneficial in building good physical health and improves the functioning of vital organs like lungs, heart, mental health, and strength. However, some of these may involve high-intensity physical strength and thus have associated risks. An athlete can move in the wrong way and fall on the ground resulting in injuries. It may also be caused by a lack of mastery over the skill or incorrect technique, improper rest and excessive training. The athlete should follow ways to reduce the chances and risks involved due to injuries by building muscular strength under professional physiotherapist guidance. They would recognise the early signs of an injury or damage and quick treatment for returning to the sports. This article will help you understand some of the most common sports injuries and their prevention techniques.

Common Sports Injuries And Their Prevention

Some of the primary causes of sports injury are improper warmup sessions, substandard techniques or lack of conditioning.

Without a proper warmup, the chances of overstretching of muscles are higher, leading to injury and tears. After the warmup, the muscles are more relaxed, providing increased flexibility. As a result, it can bend and absorb sudden movements and jerks, decreasing the chances of injury.

One of the significant things to remember while playing any sport is having correct movement. In addition, different exercises need different types of positions and postures. For instance, kneeling can save the spine and hips from injury in some sports.

It is advisable to wear proper gear and supportive shoes to lower the chances of injuries. Do not push yourself and take adequate rest to let your body heal. Cooldown exercises are beneficial and help release all the tension from the muscles. 

If you are wondering what some of the common sports injuries and their prevention techniques are, consult with the experts at Germanten Hospital. We can also be of help if you have queries about what common sports injuries are and how first aid can help you?

Common sports injuries and their treatment 

As an athlete, the knowledge of common sports injuries and treatment is necessary. Read on to know more about these injuries, and their prevention and treatment.

  • Strains
    Strain is caused due to overstretching of muscles or tendons. It is more common in athletes. Moving the muscles incorrectly can cause severe damage and tear of muscles. Some of the common strain injuries are strained quad pulled hamstrings and pulled groyne muscles. A good warmup and stretching session would be enough of a prevention and treatment for common sports injuries like strains.
  • Sprains
    A sprain is one of the most common sports injuries that first aid can help you with. A sprain is due to overstretching of ligaments due to movement in the wrong direction. The most common of these are ankle sprains, knee sprains, and elbow and wrist sprains. Sprains cause a lot of pain and aching. Further movement of the region can worsen the condition. Sprains make the ligaments weak; thus, it is better to play with a brace while playing. Pre Workout stretching and warmup help in decreasing the risks.
  • Fractures
    Fractures in the arms, legs and feet are caused due to sudden high pressure on the bones. It takes a long time to heal and requires complete bed rest. The risks of fracture can be decreased by wearing braces and pads to reduce the impact and good warmup and workout routines.
  • Rotator cuff injury
    It is caused during the overhead shots when the athlete puts the shoulder under much strain. It is common in sports like swimming, baseball, volleyball, basketball, tennis, and weightlifting, where the upper body is actively involved. It can be treated with RICE and physiotherapy sessions.
  • Medial tibial stress syndrome (MDSS)
    Our legs act as the shock absorber during intense games. MDSS is more commonly known as the sudden shooting pain in the leg when it cannot bear the shock or stress during the training. The pain occurs in the region where the bone is attached to the muscle. It is prevalent in athletes who have suddenly increased their workout routine or are new to it. It is also caused due to using improper shoes. It can be prevented by using RICE, proper warm up sessions, and correct shoe choices.


If you want to know more about treatment for common sports injuries, you may contact Germanten Hospital. Our doctors and physiotherapists would explain everything from what common sports injuries are to the course of action for recovery. They have expertise in common sports injuries and treatment. Our experts can also help you with some of the most common sports medicine surgeries. So book your appointment for a consultation today!

17 Apr 2022
5 signs you should see an orthopedic spine specialist


As per recent reports, back pain is one of the world’s leading causes of disability. Men and women of every age experience lower back pain once in their lifetimes. Although it may seem like an everyday problem, it may not be wise to ignore it if the pain is extreme and frequent. In such a case, one should immediately refer to a back surgeon or an orthopedic spine specialist. These spine and orthopedic specialists are certified professionals who can help with the treatment of such problems quite well.

What Is An Orthopedic Spine Specialist?

Orthopaedics is a branch of medicine that primarily focuses on the musculoskeletal system. Orthopedic back specialists are the ones who treat all the problems and ailments related to the musculoskeletal system. On the other hand, back and spine specialists focus only on the diseases associated with the spine. However, an orthopedic doctor is also called an orthopedic spine surgeon as they perform surgeries and treat problems related to the spine.

Ortho spine specialists are trained and experienced professionals. They attend eight years in medical school to learn about the in-depth details of their profession, and spend a few years gaining experience through residencies and specialised fellowships. But don’t confuse an orthopedic back doctor with a chiropractor. A chiropractor can only treat spine-related diseases for relief; however, an ortho spine surgeon and specialist conduct surgeries on patients.

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5 Signs Signifying You May Need To See An Orthopedic And Spine Doctor

An orthopedic Spine Specialist is a skilled doctor who treats problems related to the musculoskeletal system. For example, if you suffer from severe back pain, it’s time for you to look for doctors for back pain and other orthopedic issues.

Here are a few signs to visit an orthopaedic specialist:

  • Chronic Pain:
    If the pain is short-lasting and does not appear very frequently, it may be acute. Usually, this pain disappears in no time and is not severe. However, if you experience back pain for weeks, you may be suffering from sub-acute pain, which can last up to 12 weeks. In this case, immediately see a spine and neck doctor. These pains are primarily mechanical, meaning they can be treated, and no surgery is required. However, if the pain persists for over 12 weeks and is severe, it’s time to consult any of the top 10 spine surgeons in your city.
  • Bowel and Bladder Issues:
    If you find yourself sitting on the toilet for several hours, it might be a problem, and you need to see an
    orthopedic spine surgeon. They are specialists who treat these kinds of issues and conditions. Some issues that affect your bladder, bowel, and back may lead to IBS and nerve damage. IBS can cause cramping and extreme stool, making it difficult to poop. These problems lead to lower back pain and disrupt digestion too. That is why going to an orthopedic spine specialist is highly recommended.
  • Leg or Feet Pain:
    If you have severe leg or feet pain accompanied by back pain, it’s time to look for
    doctors for back pain and other orthopedic issues. When pressure is on the spine or nerves, weakness and tingling sensations start to appear in the hip, feet, legs, and back. Extreme pain can also lead to cervical radiculopathy when a nerve root is compressed near the cervical vertebrae area. Most of these problems are fixed by mechanical means. That is why going to a back surgeon is important. 
  • Fever:
    Although body temperature fluctuations are common, if you have been suffering from fever for a long time and have extreme discomfort in the lumbar region of the spine, seek the help of a
    spine and orthopedic specialist. Most likely, you have the flu or some kind of infection due to which you have a fever. However, in case of severe back pain, don’t be careless as it may be a sign of cancer or other bacterial infections. Instead, go to an orthopedist for back pain and get yourself checked in situations like these. You can book an appointment with the best orthopedic doctor in Indian Spinal Injuries Center to get top-class treatment.
  • Weight Loss:
    Weight loss can result in the decrease of calories, because of which your body will be deprived of the necessary nutrients. This deficiency may lead to spinal misalignment or decreased bone density as well. If you can’t gain weight, visit a back surgeon immediately.


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10 Apr 2022
rotator cuff and frozen shoulder

How To Differentiate Between Frozen Shoulders And Rotator Cuff Injury

You never realise the importance of shoulders or how much you use them daily until you experience pain or cannot move them. Most problems in the shoulders result in decreased mobility, pain and stiffness. The issues may be caused due to accidents or due to overusing your shoulders on moving them in one particular manner repeatedly. Some of the most common shoulder problems are rotator cuff tears, frozen shoulder and shoulder impingement. People often wonder about the differences between rotator cuff injury and frozen shoulder.

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If you are looking for the difference between frozen shoulder and rotator cuff tears, here is a detailed explanation for you. 

Rotator Cuff Tear Or Injury

Consisting of muscles and tendons, the rotator cuff is present around the shoulder joint. Rotator cuff injury dazzles in mild pain, which escalates if you put pressure on the affected shoulder. It can also affect people who move the shoulders repeatedly and are into competitive sports. Rotator cuff tear occurs if there is any injury to the shoulder or the tendon tissue degenerates gradually. 

Physical therapy can help treat this condition. However, if the rotator cuff injury occurs due to an accident, you should consult a doctor immediately. The treatment is determined by the type and extent of the injury, as there are several differences between frozen shoulder and rotator cuff injury

Here are the symptoms of a rotator cuff tear: 

  • Mild pain in the shoulders. 
  • Experiencing pain while laying on the affected shoulder. 
  • Not being able to do basic activities like combing hair. 
  • Weakness in the arms. 

These symptoms will help you understand the difference between frozen shoulder and rotator cuff injury. 

Some factors causing a rotator cuff injury are: 

Profession: Some occupations like painters, carpenters, pitchers, archers, sports athletes have an increased risk of having a rotator cuff injury.

Ageing: It also contributes to the risk of the problem, as it degenerates the shoulder joint and lack of mobility in the shoulder. 

Now, to differentiate frozen shoulder and rotator cuff injury, you also need to understand the former. 

Frozen Shoulder

Also known as adhesive capsulitis, frozen shoulder includes pain and stiffness in the shoulder or upper arms. The symptoms can deteriorate gradually, but treatment at the correct time will help you get better. To treat the problem, you can undergo physical therapy. 

Frozen shoulder is caused due to the thickening of the tissues covering the shoulder bones, tendons and ligaments. Some symptoms of a frozen shoulder are extreme pain inability to move your shoulders on your own or with assistance. 

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The development of a frozen shoulder:

1st Stage: In this phase, the pain just keeps increasing. As the pain progresses, you will be unable to move your shoulders. 

2nd Stage: The phase is called the freezing stage, in which the pain decreases, but the shoulder gets stiffer. 

3rd Stage: It is known as the thawing stage, and the shoulder’s mobility improves. Normal movement or strength in the shoulders returns in 6 months or 2 years. 

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Here are the factors contributing to frozen shoulder: 

  • Age and gender: People aged between 40 to 60 suffer the most. 
  • Immobility: Frozen shoulders are more likely to affect people who are incapable of movement, like those affected with mastectomies. 
  • Certain diseases and conditions: People suffering from diabetes, hyperthyroidism, Parkinson’s disease, or heart diseases are more likely to suffer from frozen shoulders. 

If you are searching for frozen shoulder vs rotator cuffs on the internet, and experiencing a lack of movement, consult a doctor to confirm your problem. They will help you understand the difference between rotator cuff injury and frozen shoulder. In a rotator cuff injury, your arm’s movement will be decreased, but you can move it manually. On the other hand, a frozen shoulder will cause extreme pain and limited mobility. It also makes it difficult for you to move your shoulders or arms. After understanding the problem, you can seek the correct treatment. 

Are you still wondering how to differentiate between the rotator cuff injury and frozen shoulders? Then, you can visit Germanten Hospital and consult with our expert doctors and understand the problem but also help you treat it successfully at an affordable price. 


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