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What Questins To Ask Before Arthroscopic Knee Surgery?

What Questions To Ask Before Arthroscopic Knee Surgery?

What Questins To Ask Before Arthroscopic Knee Surgery?

A medical procedure performed to have a look inside the knee to determine the root issue is called knee arthroscopy. Since it is a minimally invasive surgery, the surgeon uses specialized equipment to treat the problem through a small incision (around the size of a keyhole). It is especially useful to ensure that the surrounding healthy tissues remain unaffected. In addition, because of the minimal invasion, the recovery is faster as compared to conventional surgery. So it is possible for the patient to get back to their daily routine quickly. Are you looking to have a knee arthroscopy? 

Here Are Just A Few Questions To Ask The Doctor Before Your Arthroscopic Knee Surgery:


  • What Is The Knee Arthroscopy Duration?

    Due to it being a minimally invasive surgical procedure, the knee arthroscopy does not take too long. But it usually depends upon the kind and extent of procedure required along with the seriousness of your medical condition. Most often, it takes around 30 to 40 minutes, but it could last beyond one hour in certain cases.

  • Would I Require A Knee Brace Or Any Other Assistive Devices After Having The Knee Arthroscopy?

    You don’t need to use any assistive devices in case of the majority of knee arthroscopy procedures. But if the surgery has been performed with respect to more serious procedures like meniscus repair, you might require a knee brace for a quicker recovery.

  • Why Is Knee Arthroscopy The Best Treatment Option For My Medical Condition

    It is one of the crucial questions to ask before arthroscopic knee surgery. There are a number of issues with the knee, including torn ACL (Anterior Cruciate ligament), damaged articular cartilage, torn meniscus, joint infections or inflamed synovial tissue. If you are identified with any of these issues, then knee arthroscopy might be the best treatment option for you.

  • What Are The Risks And Complications With Respect To A Knee Arthroscopy

    Knee arthroscopy is considered among the safest surgical procedures with an incredible success rate. But there are a few (minimal) complications and risks associated with every surgical procedure. In case of the knee arthroscopy, the risks include profuse bleeding, an injured nerve, a clot in the veins and post-procedure infection.

  • Do I Require Physical Therapy After The Procedure?

    Whether or not you need physical therapy before the procedure cannot be decided before a physical examination. However, if the doctor observes anything more than minimal swelling, discomfort or pain, it might hinder you from having a quick and complete recovery to gain mobility. In that case, you might require physical therapy. 

  • When Would I Be Able To Return To Work After The Procedure?

    You might be able to return to your job within the week of the procedure in case of a desk-bound job. But if your day job requires you to be relatively active at your job, then you might want to wait at least one and a half months before you return to your work. But for the fastest recovery, it is advisable that you don’t get yourself involved in any strenuous activities.

  • When Can I Drive My Car Post-procedure?

    If you are looking to have knee arthroscopy, you might want to consider staying away from driving and riding for at least 3 to 5 days or even more than 15 days, depending upon the extent of your surgery. Your doctor would explain to you what you can and cannot do before and after the procedure. 

  • Would I Need Pain Medications After the Procedure?One of the most significant questions to ask before arthroscopic knee surgery is regarding any change in your present medication and the need for additional medications. During the procedure, local anaesthesia is administered to ensure a pain-free procedure. So it is natural to experience pain and discomfort after the surgery. Therefore, the doctor might prescribe you a medication that is to be used as per the instructions provided.Those as mentioned above are just a few questions to ask the doctor before arthroscopic knee surgery. If you must undergo arthroscopic knee surgery or to gather more information, you might want to consult with the experts at Germanten Hospital. 

Why Choose Us?

The German spirit of “Precision and Perfection” is followed to the core at Germanten Hospital. Dr Mir Jawad holds expertise with advanced German multi-speciality orthopaedic technology, and partnering up with the experts from Germany ensures the best possible care for our patients. 

Our experienced professionals have treated and provided orthopaedic patients with outstanding and cost-effective healthcare for more than 45 years. 

Here Are A Few Accreditations Obtained By Germanten Hospital:

  • NABH Accreditation: Obtaining accreditation with National Accreditation Board For Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABH) is a privilege. The board confers this accreditation upon a thorough inspection of the staff and facilities possessed by the hospital, clinic, etc. 
  • ISO Accreditation 9001 : 2008: Neither Germanten Hospital nor any of our employees have never made any illegitimate claim regarding any step of the medical process. That is why we are a member of the International Society Of Orthopaedic Centres (only 2nd Hospital from Asia with full membership).

Along with the accreditations, Germanten Hospitals have been conferred with various recognitions for our service to society:

  • We are the first hospital in Asia to have the German Joint Replacement Technology.
  • Dr Mir Jawad Zar Khan has been highly regarded for performing 10,000+ joint replacement surgeries.
  • We are regarded for the highest number of joint replacement surgeries per year in South India.
  • We have performed more than 2000 Joint replacement surgeries in 2 years. 

So consult with Dr Mir Jawad Zar Khan at Germanten Hospital if you want the best knee replacement surgery followed by unparalleled aftercare.