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Month: August 2022

21 Aug 2022
ways to ease hip pain

Ways to Ease Hip Pain

How to reduce hip pain

If you are experiencing hip pain, then there is nothing to worry about as we have some of the best ways for hip pain treatment without surgery. Let us look at some of the most effective ways to reduce hip pain:

  • Lose weight
    Your body weight puts pressure on your hips. For every 10 pounds of weight gain, your hips and knees experience 50 pounds of pressure. In addition, the pain in joints indicates that your weight is increasing more than needed. Visit your doctor’s clinic and know your body’s ideal weight and ways to reach that.
  • Take load off
    When we talk about hip pain, we are not only about your body fat. Anything you carry on your back or in your hand also puts pressure on your hip. To reduce the pain, you will need to take that load off your body, making them natural remedies for hip pain. Using a handcart with wheels to carry groceries and luggage is best. If you need to carry a purse, choose one that evenly distributes the load.
  • Move it
    Of course, your hips need adequate rest to ease the pain. Once your hip is at ease, do hip pain exercises daily. It helps to build muscles stronger and avoid joint stiffness. Walking, swimming, and yoga are the best hip pain exercises to reduce it. It can help ease the pain to a great extent.
  • Say no to high-impact exercises.
    Want to know how to reduce hip pain? The movement will help your hip but just know the right time to do it. Start slow, do not go on downhill running or kickboxing. Instead, take it slow and spend a few minutes on a stationary bike or elliptical. Gradually you can bump up the impact of your exercises.
  • Water workouts
    To do the best low-impact exercise, use a pool or spa. They are natural remedies for hip pain. Water helps to take off stress and strain from your joints. Above all, it ensures smoother and more unrestrained movement by providing good resistance to make muscles stronger. To know which hip pain exercises would be best for you, consult your doctor or physiotherapist.
  • Stretch, strengthen and stabilise:
    Stretching helps in supporting and building joints, including cores and legs. However, one vital thing to remember while working out is never to push yourself too hard. For an exercise routine, consult a professional therapist and do it under their guidance to avoid any injury. Moreover, it is also important to choose the best sitting position for hip pain.
  • Heat and cold therapy:
    Heat and cold therapy have proven to be natural remedies for hip pain. Wrap ice or a bag of frozen veggies into a towel and press it gently to ease the pain. Moreover, you can go for a warm shower to loosen up your muscles.
  • Avoid heels:
    Heels are one of the prime factors of hip pains. To know how to relieve hip pain while walking is right under your toes. Avoid heels as much as possible. Heels disrupt your body’s alignment by putting your heels at an abrupt angle. Instead, go for flat shoes with good arch support and cushioning. Do not stand for too long on the stretch. Moreover, it is also important to know how to relieve hip pain while sleeping by choosing the correct posture.
  • Over-the-counter medicines
    Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are mostly consumed to get relief from hip pain. If you cannot take it because of some health condition, then let your doctor know. Always consult your doctor for a dosage plan and which medicine to take to avoid any side effects.
  • Alternate therapy
    If traditional therapies do not work, you know it is time to shift towards a mind-body approach. Acupuncture, massage, and chiropractic adjustments are some of the alternative therapies.


The methods of hip pain reduction usually depend on the root cause of it. If you want to understand how to reduce hip pain, come to Germanten Hospital. Our doctors and physiotherapy experts can help you with hip pain treatments without surgery and understand the best sitting positions for hip pain. These positions will help you avoid the pain altogether. So book your appointment with our experts today!

13 Aug 2022
Non Surgical treatment for backpain

Non Surgical Treatment For Back Pain And Knee Pain

Non Surgical Treatment For Back Pain And Knee Pain

Causes of Back Pain

Chronic back pain is generally an age-related issue. However, it can also be caused by some prior injury. Some causes of back pain are:

  • Spinal stenosis is a condition that arises when the spinal canal becomes narrow. 
  • Arthritis of the spine is the gradual thinning of cartilage inside the spine.
  • Myofascial pain syndrome is unexplained pain and tenderness in muscles. 
  • Disc problems such as herniated and bulging discs. 

It is often difficult to know the exact causes of back pain. If all the diagnostic options have failed, your doctor might recommend you to a back pain specialist. However, one should not make any hasty decisions and undergo extensive medical procedures without knowing the causes of the back pain

If the source of your pain is unknown, the suitable option is to choose non-surgical methods and reduce the pain. So come over to Germanten Hospital to understand the causes of your back pain and get a suitable treatment accordingly. So visit now to get rid of frustrating pain. 

Non-surgical Treatment of Chronic Back Pain

There are various non-surgical treatments that your doctor might prescribe to treat back pain. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Physical TherapyIt is a therapy that includes chronic back pain treatments. Exercise is one of the first things you should do to treat common pain in the back. Always take guidance from your physician or spinal therapist. It is to be remembered that the effectiveness of the exercise varies from person to person. The exercise needs to be structured to treat specific symptoms and conditions. You should also do exercise at your home.

Physical therapy that includes chronic back pain treatments are: 

  1. Retraining posture
  2. Testing pain tolerance
  3. Stretching and flexibility exercise
  4. Aerobic exercises
  5. Core strengthening
  6. Mindfulness and meditation

Chronic back pain can affect physical and emotional well-being. For example, it can lead to frustration, irritability, depression and other psychological conditions. To treat them, you may be recommended meditation, yoga, tai chi, and other cognitive and relaxation therapies. 

  • Diet
    A diet high in trans, sugar, or processed food can be highly inflammatory. Therefore, they can contribute to your back pain. So it would be best to consult your doctor or dietician to know whether they are responsible for your pain. A healthy diet can help you maintain an optimum weight putting less pressure on the spine and reducing back pain.
  • Lifestyle Modification
    Having back pain can be an alert sign of your body to bring some changes in your lifestyle. It becomes important to accept some limitations and adapt to modifications. For example, do not bend for a long time, like while mowing the lawn or carrying a grocery.Make a note of all the activities that can worsen your common pain in the back. It will prevent the issue from advancing and becoming worse.Another necessary change is to quit smoking, as nicotine can worsen pain and hinder healing.
  • Injection-based Treatment
    Various injection-based solutions are available to treat back pain. Nerve blocks, nerve ablation and epidural steroid injections are a few of them. Injections can offer temporary relief when the source of pain is identified.However, they should not be used as a long-term solution, and above all, it is important to consult your doctor before using any kind of injection.
  • Alternative Treatment
    Alternative therapy includes chronic back pain treatments. Some of them are acupuncture, massage, electric nerve stimulation, biofeedback, and laser therapy. They help to relax the muscle and thus provide relief from the pain. It is best to talk with your spine specialist and know which alternative therapy will work best for your chronic back pain.
  • Pharmacological Treatment
    Analgesics, muscle relaxants, and anti-inflammatory drugs are some medications that can help provide relief from back pain. However, these drugs generally have side effects and are thus not recommended for prolonged use.

If you have a common pain in your back, there are several non-surgical treatments that you can go for. These treatments can help bring some positive changes to your lifestyle. Our experts use the latest facilities and advanced techniques to help provide high-quality treatment. So for an excellent consultation and back pain treatment, come to Germanten Hospital. 

06 Aug 2022
spinal injury

The Best Spinal Cord Injury Physiotherapy Treatments

Over the past years, there have been quite significant advancements in medical technology and practises of spinal physiotherapy. As a result, there are several new treatments for spinal cord injury or physical therapy.

According to the World Physiotherapy (the official confederation for Physical Therapy), a physiotherapist or a physical therapist can be defined as a person who is an expert in the field of human activity and movement. 

They help people who have suffered from spinal cord injuries so that they can improve their mobility and prevent any further damage to the spinal cord. They also help the victims of spinal cord injury to improve significantly so that they can function normally in their community. 

There will be more chances of recovery if the spinal physiotherapy starts as soon as possible, apart from proper care and rehabilitation. However, while looking for the best treatment for spinal cord injury, you need to keep certain factors in mind, such as your expectations, the intensity of injury and how much damage the spinal cord has suffered. Always ensure you consult with your doctor regarding which treatment will be the most suitable for you. 

If you want the best treatments for spinal cord injury, have a consultation session with the experts at Germanten Hospitals. They are skilled at helping you get a thorough understanding of which procedure you should go for.

Several spinal cord injury treatments are available that will help you recover properly, just like constant care and rehabilitation. However, if you are looking for spinal cord injury treatment, you must consider your goals, the intensity of the injury and how much the spinal cord has suffered.

Conventional physiotherapy or physical therapy:


Conventional methods of physical therapy includes several hands-on therapies, exercises and stretching activities to promote movement. The main motive of this treatment is to help the patient cope with the pain, improve circulation, and reduce or prevent atrophy, contractures and weakness. It also helps in improving the general health and wellness of the patient. It is done to retrain your brain and body so the patient can move and function again. There are several types of spinal physiotherapy treatments available, such as: 

  • Muscle stretching. 
  • Massage therapy. 
  • Joint manipulation.
  • Acupuncture.
  • Neurodynamic exercises. 


Spinal physiotherapy treatments, like the ones mentioned above, are available in many hospitals, and some spinal cord injury treatments are combined with physical therapy to increase the effectiveness of the process.

Activity-Based Therapy:


ABT is also known as restorative therapy or ABRT. It is a form of therapeutic treatment that helps in the rehabilitation and recovery of the patients who have suffered from nerve problems, spinal cord injuries or traumatic injuries. Activity-Based therapy is one of the most effective spinal cord injury treatments. It includes several repetitive muscle movements that promote neuroplasty, strength training and gait training. 

Functional Electrical Stimulation:


FES or Functional Electrical Stimulation is one of the new treatments for spinal cord injury. It involves the application of short electrical pulses to the paralysed or weakened muscles. It is done with the help of electrodes to improve or restore the functions of the muscles. The procedure is considered quite underrated and is used to boost the functions of the heart and lungs. Apart from that, functional electrical stimulation or FES also helps in improving the bladder and bowel movements and increasing mobility. 

Obvious and hidden costs of a spinal cord injury:

A spinal cord injury can be extremely traumatic and expensive and might require part-time or full-time care. Apart from the expense of hiring a care provider, the overall cost increases because of doctor visits, hospital stays, preparations at home, transportation and several physical therapy treatments. 

If you feel that the expenses of the procedure are getting too much for you, you can always contact a lawyer who can help you if you are injured due to someone else’s negligence or actions. A considerate lawyer can help you receive the compensation you deserve for sustaining the injuries. 

If you are wondering about the best treatment for spinal cord injury, you have a consultation with the doctors at Germaten Hospitals. So book your appointment for a consultation if you want to understand the new treatments for a spinal cord injury.