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Month: March 2023

20 Mar 2023
knee replacement surgeries drastically

Knee replacement surgeries have gone up drastically in India

Knee replacement surgery is a medical procedure to remove the original damaged knees and put them in artificial joints. The number of Knee replacement surgeries in India has arisen. It can be attributed to factors like the increased population in the ageing category, better healthcare facilities and higher amount of physical activity. Knee replacement surgery is also known as knee arthroplasty. 

The prime reason for the increase in demand for Knee replacement surgeries is the increase in the number of people in the ageing category. With age, the chances of knee damage due to osteoarthritis increase. It is a degenerative joint disease that causes stiffness and pain and interferes with daily activities. These have made the demand for the best knee replacement surgery in India grow more than ever. With more people in the elderly category, people are looking for the best knee replacement surgeon to regain their normal lifestyle. People are mostly in search of a hospital providing the best surgery with a high success rate and has some of the best doctors in their team. 

Another reason for the higher demand for knee replacement surgeries is the increase in the level of physical activity. Nowadays, people are more concerned about their health, so activities like exercising, cycling, running, and sports are a part of their routine. The continuous pressure on the knees has led to faster wear and tear and, thus, the need to get the best knee replacement surgery in India. It can also be seen in the younger patients who do not want to be restrained by knee damage in their upcoming years of life. Thus, the trend of being physically active and sports in India has opened an avenue for the growing demand for the best knee replacement surgeons.

The accessibility to better medical facilities is also a crucial reason for the increased demand for Knee replacement surgeries. Earlier, knee replacement surgery was a complex and costly procedure accessible to the higher society people only. With the growth of the medical tourism industry and the facilities being provided, people are more concerned about their health and eager to seek treatment to treat their ailments. The increase in the number of some of the best knee replacement surgeons and specialty hospitals has led to higher awareness among the people about their condition and how to treat it without thinking of the financial aspect.

Yet the higher rates of knee replacement surgery are the prime hindrance for many Indians. Many Indians do not have medical insurance or reside in rural areas. Hence, the procedure still needs to be made available to many of India. The government of India is working on the healthcare facilities and accessibility of the patients to ensure the needy get the required treatment. It is through financial assistance and the setting up hospitals for the rural population. Those who need the treatment are getting assisted through government initiatives. These government schemes and associates have helped many patients and eased their financial burden. 

Thus, we can say that despite the constraints, the demand for knee replacement surgeries in India has increased exponentially due to a combination of a variety of reasons, such as a higher number of people in the senior age category, higher levels of sports and physical activities and better services and medical accessibility. Even though the cost of the knee replacement surgery is a reason behind it not being chosen by many, there are several ways by which you can go forward with the surgery and free your life from the pain.

In case you are experiencing knee pain, consult a doctor and discuss the cause of the pain and the procedure for treatment. With the increasing need for knee replacement surgery in the country, doctors and the government are taking initiatives to make it easier for people to get the procedure for those in need. Thus, no need to surf and live a life of pain and suffering; consult your doctor and go forward with one of the best knee replacement surgery to live life on your terms. 

If you are looking for a hospital for knee replacement surgery, then you should visit Germanten Hospital. It has all the availability for conducting safe and effective surgery. So, book your appointment now!


05 Mar 2023
10 massges and streches

10 Massages and Stretches for a Frozen Shoulder

Frozen shoulder massage treatment is required in case your shoulder has lost mobility to the extent it feels like it is frozen in place. The loss of mobility makes it difficult to continue with daily activities and causes pain during movements.

For frozen shoulder massage treatment, you should begin with complete massage therapy for frozen shoulder. Consult a doctor and a physiotherapist for proper guidance and recovery.

Frozen shoulder is caused due to triggering of myofascial points in the shoulder muscles and surrounding areas. These trigger points are muscle knots or lumps in sensitive regions due to injury, accident, or pain due to another chronic condition. Capsular stretching for frozen shoulders reduces pain and improves motion and muscle strength. These frozen shoulder massage techniques would also work on the trigger points and subsequently improve blood circulation, reduce spasms, and relieve symptoms. 

There are specific trigger points which affect the frozen shoulder. Gaining knowledge about these points and their locations in the arms and shoulders helps to understand how to use capsular stretching for frozen shoulders. 

Massages for frozen shoulder

Before starting any Shoulder stretches for frozen shoulder on your own, consult your doctor. The physical therapist would guide you through the postures and stretches. They will ensure that the frozen shoulder massage is done correctly, as incorrect massages can worsen the situation.

It is better to have a professional therapist to guide you. You can begin with a self massage for frozen shoulder and follow these messages. 

Foam roller underarm massage:

You can start with this stretching exercise for frozen shoulder by following these steps:

Place a foam roller under the underarm of the affected shoulder

  • rest your arm on the floor
  • Lengthen your arm
  • Slowly roll back and forth over the roller
  • Continue for a minute 

Foam roller shoulder massage:

  • Place a foam roller under the underarm of the affected shoulder
  • Lengthen your arm with the hand extended upwards
  • Move over the roller a few times

Simple self-massage:

  • Use your other hand for massage therapy for frozen shoulders
  • Focus on the sensitive regions
  • Try to move about the affected shoulder while massaging the shoulder and arm simultaneously 

Stretches for frozen shoulder

Warm up your shoulder muscles before beginning with shoulder stretches for frozen shoulders. You can do it by taking a warm shower or a bath. You can also use a heating pad. 

Gently start with capsular stretching for frozen shoulders to an extent where you are comfortable. Do not force any movement and gradually progress by repeating the movement multiple times in a day.

You can start with some of these best stretches for frozen shoulder for your recovery.

Pendulum swing:

  • Stand straight and keep your unaffected hand on the edge of a table
  • Lean forward while maintaining balance 
  • Start by swinging your arm back and forth in a circular motion in both directions
  • Repeat at least ten times

Cross-body stretch:

  • Stand and place your affected arm on the other shoulder
  • With the other unaffected arm, press the affected elbow closer to your body 
  • Stay in this position for a few seconds and hold as long as possible
  • Repeat five times 

Umbrella push:

  • Sit in a chair with the elbows resting on the side of the chair
  • Use an overhand grip to hold an umbrella 
  • With the help of the unaffected arm, push the affected arm to the other side
  • Maintain the elbow of the affected arm towards your side
  • Repeat the process and do it at least five times.

Advantages of stretching exercises

Doing stretching exercises for frozen shoulder would prove highly beneficial to improve the condition in the following ways:

  • The massage helps to release tension and tightness of the muscles, thereby relaxing them. You would feel at ease in motion and use. It also enhances the blood flow in the area and increases the speed of healing.
  • Stretching exercises for frozen shoulders also improve flexibility and extent of motion and lengthens muscle fibres.

However, while doing self massage for frozen shoulders, be careful as these movements can also increase pain. With proper guidance, these exercises would improve the equality of your daily life activities. If you are facing a frozen shoulder issue, then visit Germanten Hospital now. 


02 Mar 2023
Champions of Change Award

Dr. Mir Jawad Zar Khan awarded by the Hon’ble 14th President of India Shri Ram Nath Kovind for his exemplary work done in the field of healthcare for the society on 26th Feb 2023

Dr mir jawad zar khan honored with champions of change award

Germanten Hospitals is rejoiced to share that Dr.Mir Jawad Zar Khan Senior Orthopaedic and Joint Replacement Surgeon, Chairman and Managing Director of Germanten Hospitals is honored with the “Champions of Change Award” by Hon’ble 14th President of India Shri Ram Nath Kovind on 26 Feb 2023 at Vignan Bhavan New Delhi in the presence of Hon’ble Justice KG Balakrishnan (Former Chief Justice of India & Former Chairman NHRC India),Hon’ble Justice Gyan Sudha Misra (Former Judge Indian Supreme Court),Shri Nandan Jha (Chairman IFIE),Smt.Savita Kovind Ji(Former First Lady of India), Shri Vijay Sampla(Chairman National Commission,Scheduled Castes), Shri Dayakar Ratakonda (Former Indian Ambassador)