Exercises and Activities To Avoid After Hip Replacement

Hip replacement after excercises

Exercises and Activities To Avoid After Hip Replacement

If you have undergone a total hip replacement procedure, you must take some precautions while recovering. It becomes extremely important to take these precautions, especially when you have undergone surgery through the posterior approach. 

You should take these precautions because they reduce the chances of dislocation of the hips. In this situation, the artificial ball of the upper femur gets dislocated from the artificial hip socket. 

In this article, you will understand the three precautions you need to take after undergoing hip replacement surgery. In addition, this article will also help you if you are looking for how long to recover from hip replacement on the internet. 


You must avoid three movements along with heavy exercises after hip replacement through a posterior incision to ensure the artificial hip does not get dislocated. Until you have completely recovered, all your movements will be closely observed by your orthopedic surgeon. Here are a few things you should not do after hip replacement surgery:

  • Stretching your hips past 90 degrees: 

    If you are looking for hip replacement exercises to avoid, you must not stretch your hips too far or list your knee too high. When you sit on a chair, see to it that your thigh should be parallel to the floor. If you are sitting on a low chair, you might have to bend your knee and hip, making it highly possible for you to dislocate your knee. 

  • Crossing your operated leg over the other one: 

    One of the things not to do after hip replacement surgery is crossing your operated leg over the other one. Apart from that, you should also use a wedge such as an abduction pillow while sleeping. It will help you to keep your legs separated.

  • Walking pigeon-toed:After undergoing a total hip replacement through the posterior approach, you must ensure not to rotate your hip inward. Therefore, you should keep your toes straight ahead or slightly rotated outwards while doing activities such as walking, sitting, standing or lying down.


Sometimes doing exercises after hip replacement can be risky and result in several complications. So you may want to have a consultation with physios at Germanten Hospitals to understand the recovery process of hip replacement and the exercises to avoid during that time.


When to call a healthcare provider?

You must contact your health care provider as soon as you experience signs that you may have dislocated your hip. Some other occasions are:

  • Intense pain around the hip area and groyne. 
  • Occurrence of a popping sound while you are moving. 
  • If you are experiencing difficulty in walking or cannot walk at all. 
  • You are not able to move the hip joint.
  • If you notice that the prosthetic hip appears shorter than the other one. 

If you are confused about exercises after hip replacement, contact Germanten Hospital. Our doctors will help you understand the hip replacement recovery exercises and other details about the procedure. If you need advice regarding this, have a consultation with the doctors at Germanten Hospital. They are experts in their field, and you will get everything you need to know about.

Duration of Precautions And Recovery

After hip replacement surgery, most people follow the precautions for around 90 days. However, some health care providers might instruct you to follow the precautions for about six months. On the other hand, some others may ask you to follow them for 60 days. The duration of precaution generally depends on factors such as your general health, your level of mobility and the complexity of the procedure. It is also determined by rehabilitation and recovery after the surgery. 

Your doctor will instruct you when you can stop following the precautions. You will have to listen to the instructions of your health care provider and avoid some movements in your daily routine. Every person has a different recovery time after the procedure, so you should consult your doctor regarding that. 

If you need advice regarding hip replacement recovery exercises, consult the orthopaedic experts at Germanten Hospital. Our experts will help you understand the hip replacement recovery exercises. They will also provide information about how long you will recover from a hip replacement and which exercises to avoid. So book your appointments now for consultation regarding exercises after hip replacement.