Important Questions To Ask Your Orthopedic Surgeon

Important Questions To Ask Your Orthopedic Surgeon

Important Questions To Ask Your Orthopedic Surgeon

If your joints hurt all of the time, it is time to think about orthopaedic surgery. Since surgery has some risks, you should understand everything you can about the operation. 

When it comes to finding relief from joint pain, you will have a lot of important questions to ask orthopedic surgeons. It may be simple to discover answers to fundamental inquiries such as, “Why do my joints hurt?” at first. However, when you get closer to a procedure that can effectively relieve your pain, you should seek advice from a professional. 

Germanten Hospital has skilled orthopedic surgeons who can answer your questions, and the questions to ask the orthopedic doctor listed below can assist you in obtaining the answers and pain treatment you require.

Why Do You Think This Method Is A Good Idea?

It is one of the first questions to ask your orthopedic surgeon. Your surgeon will explain why the surgical treatment advised is the best option for your circumstance. The choice will be based on various variables, including the intensity and location of your joint discomfort.

What Is The Success Rate Of This Procedure?

Your surgeon should be able to give you a probability of success so you can figure out whether this surgery is likely to help you with your problems.

What Are The Risks?

Surgical techniques all include some level of risk. Your surgeon may go through them with you and explain how to reduce your risk before, during, and after the surgery.

Will I Require More Surgery As A Result Of This Procedure?

It is another one of the crucial questions to ask an orthopedic doctor. Some treatments give only temporary pain relief, and not all treatments are successful. Inquire with your surgeon about the possibility of more surgeries following the original one.

How Is This Procedure Done?

Your surgeon will give in-depth information on the procedure, including all the processes you must go through. For example, you might inquire about how it is done, what tools are used, and how long it usually takes.

What Type Of Anaesthesia Is Required?

Minor surgery may just require local anaesthetic, but significant joint pain treatments may necessitate general anaesthesia. Your surgeon will take you through the dangers of anaesthesia, especially in the case of general anaesthesia.

Can I Decide Not To Have This Surgery Performed?

If you decide not to have orthopaedic surgery at this moment, your doctor will explain what may happen. For example, your joint discomfort may become more severe and limit your activities. Keep in mind that you should be at ease with surgery rather than feeling compelled to do so.

Will I Be In Any Discomfort Afterwards?

It is normal to feel pain and some discomfort after surgery. Inquire with your surgeon about the pain level you must expect throughout recovery and whether painkillers be prescribed.

How Long Does It Take To Recover?

The recuperation time for specific surgical operations might be several months or even a year. Your doctor will be able to answer how long it would take you to recover from your operation.

When Do You Think I Will Be Able To Resume My Normal Schedule?

When you are ready, your doctor will tell you when you will be allowed to start regular activities like driving or exercising. You will be advised to avoid intense activities, such as playing contact sports, depending on the reason for your joint discomfort and the surgery you would undergo. 

Will The Pain Interfere With My Daily Activities?

Walking, climbing stairs, riding, driving, and getting in and out of seats, beds, and cars are probably part of your everyday routine. However, do you suffer discomfort that comes back throughout your daily activities for a lengthy period? Pain that occurs occasionally is not a problem, but persistent pain that interferes with daily activities should be addressed. 

Can L Explore Other Options?

Before recommending surgery, orthopaedic doctors use non-invasive therapies, including medication, injections, and/or assistance equipment (such as canes and walkers). Doctors who do not advocate attempting any of these therapies before proposing surgery should be avoided. If these therapies do not work, a surgeon will determine if you are a good candidate for surgery.

Why Choose Us?

The German spirit of “Precision and Perfection” is followed to the core at Germanten Hospital. Best Orthopedic Surgeon Dr Mir Jawad holds expertise with advanced German multi-speciality orthopaedic technology, and partnering up with the experts from Germany ensures the best possible care for our patients. 

Our experienced professionals have treated and provided orthopaedic patients with outstanding and cost-effective healthcare for more than 45 years. 

Here Are A Few Accreditations Obtained By Germanten Hospital:

  • NABH Accreditation: Obtaining accreditation with National Accreditation Board For Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABH) is a privilege. The board confers this accreditation upon a thorough inspection of the staff and facilities possessed by the hospital, clinic, etc. 
  • ISO Accreditation 9001 : 2008: Neither Germanten Hospital nor any of our employees have never made any illegitimate claim regarding any step of the medical process. That is why we are a member of the International Society Of Orthopaedic Centres (only 2nd Hospital from Asia with full membership).

Along with the accreditations, Germanten Hospitals have been conferred with various recognitions for our service to the society:

  • We are the first hospital in Asia to have the German Joint Replacement Technology.
  • Dr Mir Jawad Zar Khan has been highly regarded for performing 10,000+ joint replacement surgeries.
  • We are regarded for the highest number of joint replacement surgeries per year in South India.
  • We have performed more than 2000 Joint replacement surgeries in 2 years. 

So consult with Dr Mir Jawad Zar Khan at Germanten Hospital if you want the best knee replacement surgery followed by unparalleled aftercare.