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If You Are Looking For The Best Hospital For ACL Surgery In Hyderabad

Best hospital for Acl surgery

If You Are Looking For The Best Hospital For ACL Surgery In Hyderabad

ACL tear is one of the most common ligament injuries. In case your ACL is damaged, it needs surgery. Orthopaedic doctors perform a vast number of ACL surgeries every year. Unfortunately, ACL surgery recovery time can be quite long in case of too much damage.

To move forward with the surgery, the doctor would need to examine the extent of ligament damage and physical activity rate. 

If your doctor has suggested surgery, ask about ACL surgery cost, recovery time, and what happens before, during and after the surgery. The knowledge would help you feel more comfortable about the surgery and its outcomes.

How to prepare for an ACL surgery?

It is helpful to take physical therapy before the surgery to build up strength in the knee muscles. Also, follow a well balanced nutritious diet to prepare your body. After the surgery, you will be using crutches for walking. So arrange your house to make space for yourself. 

Which graft should I use?

There are two kinds of grafts: autograft (taken from the patient’s body) and allograft (obtained from a donor). The doctor will decide the type of graft for suitable results as per the patient’s condition. For instance, allografts are not a suitable option for children. 

What is the recovery time?

The ACL surgery recovery time varies from patient to patient depending on several factors, including the extent of physical activities, damage to the ligaments, etc. For example,  ACL surgery recovery time for athletes maybe around 6 to 12 months or even more than a year. However, some activities, including walking without the support of crutches, driving, and returning to daily life, would indicate progress in 2-6 weeks. 

Before the surgery, you could get more insights into the surgery with the doctor. You may also prepare a list of all your queries and clear them in your appointment. It would help you be more confident about the process of the surgery and thus lead to a successful result.

Having your treatment with an excellent hospital would help you with the best results and recovery. So you may contact Germanten Hospital, one of the best hospitals for knee ligament surgery. With modern infrastructure and advanced technology, we have always stood by the side of our patients. So visit our website and book a consultation for an affordable ACL reconstruction surgery cost

Benefits of ACL surgery

Commonly, football, soccer, and basketball athletes suffer from ACL tears and other injuries. It results in extreme pain and limited movement. To resume the sport, it is suggested you undergo ACL reconstruction surgery.

ACL surgery cost is more affordable in India as compared to the UK, USA, etc. Thanks to the availability of highly skilled orthopaedic doctors, modern technologies and infrastructure, the doctors in India can provide the most effective results.

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What are the signs and symptoms of an ACL injury?

The following are the symptoms of ACL injury:

  • A pop sound in the knee
  • Extreme pain in the knee
  • Rapid inflammation
  • Inability to move freely
  • Unable to hold eve light weights due to instability in the knees

If you are experiencing the above-mentioned symptoms, look for an orthopaedic hospital with the best ACL surgery costs.

ACL reconstruction surgery options in India

An ACL injury is a common injury caused due to contact or no contact mechanism with other objects. The injury is more common for athletes in intense sports like soccer, basketball or football due to rapid hyperextension of knee joint twists. 

If you have an injury in your ligament, you must see a doctor as soon as possible. So come over to Germanten Hospital, as we have some of the best ACL surgeons in Hyderabad. In addition, we have associations with some excellent orthopaedic surgeons in the entire country with the potential of providing you with the best treatment. 

So want to know more about ACL surgery cost and recovery time? Then contact the experts at Germanten Hospital to get the complete information.