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Spine Surgery in Hyderabad

Backache is a common medical issue, especially for people over the age of 50. It is among the most common recurring pain and the only way to ease it is to get a proper diagnosis and treatment. Spinal diseases are also connected to the complex field of Neurology. Even a small disturbance in the nerves and spine’s functioning can lead to overwhelming disabilities. That is why it is important to get your back issues treated.

Over a decade ago, spine surgeries were extremely risky. But, thanks to higher surgical skills and newer infrastructures, they have become more successful and safer. With the introduction of minimally invasive surgeries, the procedure has become even safer. However, this option is still only pursued if exercise and medicine treatments are not working and the pain is disabling and persistent.

Through the spine surgery, you will be relieved of any associated numbness or pain that goes on arms or legs. These symptoms are usually the result of compressed nerves in the spine. Spine decompression is a minimally invasive approach used to get the pinched nerve back to its normal function. It has a high success rate with about 90% of patients able to get relief after the surgery.

Best Spine Surgery Hospital in Hyderabad

Dr. Mir Jawad Zar Khan from the Germanten Hospital is the best doctor for spine surgery in Hyderabad. He has the experience of over 2 decades and has performed extensive research in the field of orthopedics. He has received advanced training from Germany and has been a part of thousands of operations. In the field of vertebral surgery, Germanten Hospital is the best option.

Germanten Hospital is built on the German ethos of precision and perfection. Dr. Mir Jawad Spine Surgeon in Hyderabad, the founder of the hospital has had extensive training with German technology for multiple subspecialties of Orthopedics. We have over 45 years of legacy of providing outstanding medical care. We collaborate with German specialists frequently to ensure that our patients get the best care. 

We are committed to providing high-quality, effective, and affordable healthcare. We work closely with the patients to determine what is the root cause of their problem. After performing our analysis, we provide the best treatment practice for the patients. At Germanten, you can be assured that you will have a treatment that is financially endurable.

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    With expert specialists and advanced equipment, you are in good hands. Here are the treatment options that we offer:

    • Vertebral fractures – For this treatment, vertebroplasty and stabilization are used for reducing the fracture.
    • Cervical and lumbar disc hernia surgery – For the ruptured intervertebral disc, the herniated disc operation is performed on the patient. The fibrous-elastic material used comes out naturally between the 2 vertebrae and compresses the nerve roots.
    • Stenosis surgery – Stenosis of channel cervical is a condition where the diameter of the vertebral cervical channel decreases resulting in painful symptomatology varying from cervical pain to the appearance of myelopathy. 
    • Vertebral arthrodesis – For degenerative pathologies or instability of the vertebral column, vertebral arthrodesis surgery can be performed in which metallic/non-metallic implants are bound to fix the spinal bones and reduce the deformities and pain.
    • Spondylolisthesis – This condition is characterized by the vertebra sliding forward slowly and progressively. During the procedure, lumbar fixation is performed that allows creating a link between the adjacent vertebrae.

    There is an advanced spinal surgery center at the Germanten Hospital where the following technologies are used for spine issues:

    • Fusion procedure and Microsurgery performed with flat-panel technology and 3D Image Intensifier.
    • Intraoperative nerve monitoring systems for sciatica and disc lesion surgery.
    • BrainLab Navigation system for ensuring precise surgical results.

    The Spine Department at the Germanten Hospital also offers the following amenities to help treat the patients better:

    • I-suite Operation Theatres – These OTs are an optimal operative environment as its efficiencies can make a positive impact on the patient
    • OPMI VARIO 700 CARL ZEISS operating microscope – This Microscope is used for 3-D visualization of fine structure. It also provides simultaneous magnification and illumination of the operating field.
    • Spinal Cord Neuromonitoring system – This technology is used for safeguarding the spinal cord functions during complex spine surgeries like kyphosis and scoliosis corrections.

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    We are the pioneer in popularizing new standards, bringing the beam of hope to our
    patients with a year’s of legacy in Spine & Neurology

    We are a prominent Spine & Neurology hospital located in Hyderabad with research collaboration with Germany having multiple success stories in Spine & Neurology surgerys.

    Dr.Mir Jawad Zar Khan introduced Advanced German Surgery Techniques in India for the firsttime.

    OPMI VARIO 700 CARL ZIESS operating microscope – This world class Operative Microscope is used for good three Dimensional visualization of fine structures with simultaneous illumination and magnification of operating field for improving spine surgery manifolds.

    Spinal Cord Neuromonitoring system: Neuromonitoring is most exciting innovations to come into spine surgery.

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