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Foot & Ankle Surgery

Foot & Ankle Surgery

The foot is known to be prone to different forms of injuries. This is because when you are walking, jumping, or running, your foot is what is in contact with the ground. Moreover, the foot can have a loss of nervous sensation or loss of blood supply because of medical conditions like peripheral vascular disease or diabetes. At Germanten Hospital, we offer a wide range of treatment options for different foot and ankle problems. We have multi-disciplinary and skilled surgeons who will ensure that you get the highest-quality medical care.
Ankle surgeries are only recommended when the patient can’t get relief from pain by the conservative therapists. Your age, activity level, and severity of the deformity or joint damage will determine the type of surgery you have. The most common ankle surgeries are Ankle Fusion and Ankle Replacement.

Foot and Ankle is a part of orthopedics and podiatry dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of foot and ankle conditions. At Germanten Hospital, we have specialists in the Orthopedic department who use cutting-edge technology to treat a wide range of musculoskeletal situations.

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    Here are some of the procedures done at Germanten Hospital:

    • Assist wound healing through surgical procedures.
    • Prevent ulceration through Reconstructive procedures.
    • Surgical Debridement includes debrigementing infected bone in Osteomyelitis; a procedure commonly used for open wounds that have non-viable tissue.
    • Skin flaps or grapes to aid the wound healing process.
    • Osteotomy or Arthrodesis for correcting rigid bony deformities present in high-pressure areas.
    • Correcting toe deformities like claw-toe that can help in preventing ulceration in the high-pressure areas.
    • Tendon transfer procedures for rebalancing paralytic foot like posterior tibialis transfer used for foot drop.
    • Tendon release procedures like Tendo-Achilles lengthening that reduces high-pressure areas present on the sole.
    • Amputation procedures for avascular limb, uncontrollable sepsis, or in cases where the use of prostheses will result in improved functionality instead of saving the extremity.

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