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How to prevent knee pain?

How to prevent knee pain

How to prevent knee pain?

As we get older, our knees become weaker due to the constant motion and stress on them, resulting in knee pain. Some other factors such as injuries, weak muscles, lifting heavy objects improperly, excess amount of body weight as well as beginning your workout without a proper warm-up can cause inflammation in the knees, resulting in pain. Structural issues such as ligament injuries, arthritis and torn cartilage may also cause knee pain.

Not only older people, but people of all age groups also complain of knee pain from time to time. When the knees are visibly swollen or it isn’t possible to squat with the knees at a 90-degree angle, then it is more of structural damage. If the knees can be straightened without pain, it is typically inflammation in the knees, a less serious condition.

How to prevent knee pain?

Prevention is better than cure – we have heard this saying since we were kids. Here are a few ways to prevent knee pain –

1.Warm-up – Starting your workout routine without warming up first makes you prone to knee injuries and ultimately pain and inflammation. Always make sure to stretch your thigh muscles. This helps to relieve pressure on the knees. Hamstring curls, step-ups and straight-leg lifts are some stretches that can protect the knee and help prevent knee pain.
2.Weight-training – Working out with weights can help strengthen your leg muscles, which would result in better knee support and fewer injuries.
3.Wearing the right shoes – For correct leg balance and alignment, you should wear shoes that are suitable for the activity that you’re going to engage in. Shoes that fit improperly can lead to knee injuries and pain. Our thigh muscles do more work, trying to hold the knees steady when we wear shoes such as high heels. This leads to knee pain. Shoes such as low pumps or flats are better options to prevent knee pain since the heel in such shoes is closer to the ground. So you should avoid wearing heels regularly.
4.Maintaining weight – It is important to lose the extra weight if you have any since excess weight puts a lot of stress on your knees. Most people with arthritic knees experience a loss of pain when they lose the extra weight.
Maintaining your posture – Slouching and leaning forward while walking is an absolute no-no if you are looking to prevent knee pain. To avoid strain on your knee joints, your head, shoulders, abdomen and pelvis need to be in alignment and centred. A strong core helps achieve a better posture, ultimately leading to no knee pain. Exercises such as planks, Pilates and yoga are essential for strengthening your core.
5.ow-impact exercises – Activities like swimming and cycling are essential to protect the knee cartilage and prevent pain.

Chronic knee pain can point to structural damage and if left untreated, you might need to get knee replacement surgery. Germanten Hospital in Hyderabad is the number one centre for knee replacement surgery in India. In this surgery, the damaged surfaces of the knee are replaced with a prosthesis made of metal and plastic. Depending on the amount of damage to the knee cartilage, a partial or a total knee replacement surgery may be performed.

The team of highly efficient and experienced doctors at Germanten Hospital is led by Dr. Mir Jawad Khan, a renowned orthopaedic surgeon with experience of two decades in the field. He is a gold medalist from Osmania University, Hyderabad and has received advanced training from the USA and Germany. He has been awarded the title of Best Doctor by the ex-CM of Joint Andhra Pradesh and former Governor of Tamil Nadu, Shri Roshaiah Garu, in 2018. He has also been honoured with the Vaida Ratna Award by the Honourable Health Minister of Telangana, Shri Etala Rajendra.

Dr. Mir Jawad Khan introduced robotic arm and computer navigation knee replacement surgery in India. The team of surgeons at Germanten Hospital scan and model each patient’s knee in 3D, for detailed observation, with the help of this technology. After that, a tailor-made implant is designed to fit every different patient to achieve the best results.

As a NABH accredited hospital, Germanten Hospital has the most modern, carefully prepared Laminar flow operation theatres, to minimise the chances of any infection. It is the go-to centre for knee replacement surgeries and other orthopaedic procedures. The hospital has over 200+ beds and is well-maintained with a highly sterile-environment. Due to this advanced technique, knee replacement surgeries at Germanten Hospital take no more than 25 minutes and are painless. There is minor blood loss and fewer incisions since the procedure is minimally invasive. After the surgery, patients experience less pain and can get back on their feet very quickly.

In 2019, Germanten Hospital was graded as the Best Emerging Orthopaedic Hospital by Times of India. It has also been named the Best Orthopaedic Hospital in South India by the Economic Times, in 2021. For all your knee problems, visit Germanten Hospital, Hyderabad to receive the best patient care and outcome.