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Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA): Causes, Symptoms & Complications

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Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA): Causes, Symptoms & Complications

Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic inflammatory disease of the joints and other parts of the body. As the
disease progresses, the inflammation spreads to the tendons, ligaments, cartilage and bones of the
joints. Rheumatoid arthritis can also affect other areas of the body, such as the lungs or blood vessels.
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Dr.Mir Jawad Zar Khan. The latest diagnosing equipment and treatment options are available at this super
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About 1% of the population of India suffers from rheumatoid arthritis. The risk of developing this
disease is almost three times higher in women than in men. Although the disease can occur at any age,
it mainly affects people less than 50 years old.

Rheumatoid arthritis is a serious and life-threatening disease that can cause severe disability that can
affect not only the quality of life but also life expectancy. Fortunately, the new medical strategies
developed in the last two decades have significantly improved the life, longevity, and condition of many
people with rheumatoid arthritis. Currently, there is no way to cure rheumatoid arthritis.


Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease. The immune system no longer recognizes its own tissue
and reacts as if it were in the presence of a foreign body. This misidentification causes the immune
system to attack tissues and joints and cause long-term damage.

Currently, no one can predict if a person will suffer from rheumatoid arthritis. It is thought that
rheumatoid arthritis is caused by several factors, some of which are genetic and other environmental
factors (for example, a viral or bacterial infection). Dr. Mir Jawad Zar Khan provides the finest treatment
of this ailment and has researched into it at length during his years of work in India and abroad.

Symptoms and complications

Rheumatoid arthritis can be sudden and painful gradually or without warning. The first signs of the
disease are often similar to flu symptoms, including pain in all muscles and joints. Pain and stiffness tend
to be more intense in the morning at dawn or after a period of inactivity. These stiffnesses may last less
than an hour, but over time, the symptoms may last for several hours.

In general, rheumatoid arthritis first affects the hands, wrists, and feet and then extends to the elbows,
shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles, and to the neck and jaw. Due to chronic inflammation, the joints
deform as their internal tissue is destroyed. In almost 30% of people, the disease is associated with
subcutaneous nodules or dents in bony regions such as the elbows and knees. Tears and salivary glands
can also be affected, resulting in dry eyes and mouth. Rheumatoid arthritis is a disease of the whole
body and can affect the heart, lungs, and eyes.

What distinguishes rheumatoid arthritis from other types of arthritis is the usual symmetry of its
distribution. Most other forms of arthritis do not have this characteristic. Symmetry means that when a

joint on one side of the body has it, the corresponding joint on the other side of the body is affected in a
relatively short time -a few days, a few weeks, a month or two. In addition, rheumatoid arthritis
accelerates and aggravates arteriosclerosis. Therefore, the doctor could monitor risk factors such as high
blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes. In addition, the doctor can advise you not to smoke. It is
very important to treat arteriosclerosis as quickly as possible.

The prevention of spread of RA is possible with early diagnosis. However, it is only the latest medical
facilities such as Germanten Hospital founded by Dr. Mir Jawad Zar Khan which can provide this type of
advanced care at an affordable cost.

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