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20 Feb 2022
Do fractured bones heal on their own?

Do fractured bones heal on their own?

We often think that our bones are robust, rigid, and structural. But it is also valid that it is a highly active and dynamic organ. Moreover, they continually renew and repair themselves. The new bones replace the old bones, and this self-healing ability comes in handy when your bones get fractured. The broken bones produce cartilage and then create a new bone to fill up the breakage. However, the new bone growth follows a series of events. 

Do fractured bones heal on their own?

 It would come as a surprise to know that it is highly possible. Broken bones may get healed by following a sequence of events. These events may look like the following. 

  • Blood comes first
    If you develop a bone fracture, your body reacts by bleeding. The blood vessels at the injured site will bleed profusely. As the blood clots, it gets collected around the bone fracture. The process is called hematoma, and it acts as a temporary plug to fill the gap between the broken bones. Then, the immune system sends signals to the brain for recovery. As a result, you develop inflammation at the injured site. When your brain receives the signals, it sends stem cells to heal the injury. To answer ‘Can broken bones heal on their own?’; Broken bones may heal after taking help from the stem cells. These cells help in bone and cartilage formation after bone damage.
  • Cartilage and bones
    New bone forms at the edge of the fracture, and the bone formation resembles the everyday maintenance process. Your cells produce soft cartilage to fill the space between broken bones. In adults, the bone formation process is similar to bone formation in a foetus. After eight days of the injury, the cartilage formation gains momentum. However, filling the void with cartilage is not a permanent solution to heal fractured bones because the new cartilage is not strong enough to withstand the pressures.

After 3-4 weeks of the injury, the new bone grows. However, the process may take longer and depends on the size and type of fracture. In some cases, the bone healing process may not prove successful, and it may negatively impact your health. So, do broken bones heal on their own? Broken bones heal independently, but it also requires help from other organs. 


In few cases, fractures may take longer than usual to heal. Moreover, the bones may not join properly. However, these cases are around 10% of the total fracture cases. It must be noted that such complications are evident in people who smoke or used to smoke earlier. It is because the blood vessel growth is slow in smokers. Non-healing fractures mainly occur in areas that carry lots of loads. In such cases, a bone specialist may use a bone from another body part or use a donor bone to fill the gap. 

Do fractures heal on their own?
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Treatments for a bone fracture

The treatment options depend on the type of breakage and its symptoms. However, the standard options include:

  • Medications
    The medications depend on the type of treatment you receive from a bone specialist. The medicines reduce the risk of infections and inflammation. The common medications that control such complications include ibuprofen, antibiotics, corticosteroids, and oxycodone.
  • Surgeries and procedures
    Various options are beneficial in treating bone fractures. However, the treatment depends on how you developed a bone fracture and the extent of the fracture. Moreover, the treatment must focus on soft tissue conditions after a bone fracture.

If a fracture is stable and set, the fractured bone is put in a cast. It reduces mobility and helps the bones to heal correctly. Sometimes, the doctors may put the broken bones in a cast while allowing the surrounding joints to move appropriately. In a few cases, they may have to use screws and plates to stabilise the bones during their healing. To treat soft tissue injuries, doctors may use external fixation. 

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