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How to relieve knee pain?

How to relieve knee pain

How to relieve knee pain?

The knees are the largest joints in the human body. They are the joints that are most used in your body which makes it more likely for you to experience pain. Pain in the knees is a quite common problem, experienced by a lot of people. In most cases, the pain can be subdued with the help of either stretching or strengthening exercises. However, sometimes you can experience pain as a result of an injury and should be looked into and undergo treatment by a specialist immediately. 

Several factors can result in pain in the knees like growing old, overuse, tightness or weakness of the muscles. Here is a detailed description of the causes of knee pain, which help you identify it, diagnose, and treat it accordingly. 

Common causes of knee pain:

If you experience knee pain, then it can be because of problems in the knee, tightness or weakness of the muscles and swelling of the tendons around the knee. 

Common causes of knee problems are: 

  • Knee arthritis: It occurs when you experience pain while lifting a heavyweight or moving around. You can also feel stiffness and pain while trying to move your knee after being in a certain position for a long time. 
  • Tendonitis of the quadricep or patella tendon: It happens when you experience tenderness or tightness above (the pain in muscles located above the knees are known as quadriceps tendonitis) or below (the pain in muscles located below the knees are known as patellar tendonitis) the kneecap. The condition gets worse if you perform activities like sitting, bending, jumping or squatting for a prolonged period. 
  • Anterior knee pain: It occurs when you experience pain around or under the kneecap along with stiffness in the knee. The condition gets hurtful when you sit after hiking or running for a long time. You can also feel popping, grinding or crunching sensations.
  • Knee injury: Knee injury occurs when you feel a sudden pain along with damage to the meniscus that cushions the knee. It can also affect ligaments that protect or stabilise the knee joint. 

If you are wondering how to relieve knee pain, then you can treat it at home with the help of exercising or stretching. It facilitates the mobility of the knees and also improves stability. 

If you want to improve the mobility of the knees, then you must stretch regularly and do exercises that increase flexibility. It helps in strengthening the core, hip, quadriceps, hamstring and calf muscles. 

If you are experiencing pain in knees and looking for how to help knee pain, then you must try exercising at home. If it does not subside, then seek immediate medical care at Germanten Hospital. Here you can treat your knee pain with expert doctors. We provide excellent facilities and work with advanced equipment. It will help you to get rid of the pain in your knees quickly.

Exercises to relieve knee arthritis pain

As you grow older, you grow weaker and tend to develop a condition known as osteoarthritis, which is one of the most common types of arthritis. The cartilage in the knee joint wears away with time, resulting in pain and tenderness while you try to move your knee. 

If the muscles in your legs are strong, they will be capable of cushioning your knee from impact while you are exercising. But it is common for knee pain to worsen while running or jumping, which are leg-strengthening exercises. If you experience arthritis, avoid lifting heavyweights. 

How to treat knee pain? 

If you are trying to find a way, then you must stretch regularly and improve the stability in your knees by doing exercises like: 

  • Riding a bike.
  • Using an elliptical.
  • Swimming.
  • Water-based exercises like high-stepping, kick boarding, walking or exercising that you can do while holding the edge of the pool. 

Water-based exercises are a remarkable solution to improve the fitness of a person suffering from arthritis in their knee. The pressure will be released on the joints due to buoyancy, which makes the exercises very comfortable. 

To know how to cure knee pain, you may visit Germanten Hospital. We can help you relieve the intense pain in your knee using the right treatment. 


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