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How can we keep our muscles strong?

how to keep muscle strong

How can we keep our muscles strong?

You can do ample things to keep up your strength even after reaching the physical peak at the age of 20s or 30s. Even if you have lost muscle due to inactivity, do not worry. You have scope to gain it back. High amounts of muscle mass lower mortality and risk of diabetes and disability in seniors.

How to keep your muscles healthy and strong?

It is a fact that as you age, you need to pay more attention to muscle health. Following are eight things that you can do to keep the muscles strong and live a healthy life-


  1. Opt for a high protein diet
    You might know that well balanced and protein-rich diet is must for athletes to keep up their performance. However, it can be equally beneficial for the aged. Your body uses amino acids for muscle repair and growth, present in proteins. Therefore, if you engage in periodic moderate exercise routine in a week, you need plenty of protein to perform these exercises, recover, and maintain the muscles. The best sources of proteins are lean meats, fish, eggs and low-fat dairy.
  2. Use supplements
    Even if you eat balanced diet, you may not get all the required nutrients to keep energy. For example, omega-3 fatty acids are vital, and they have a muscle-sparing effect in the aged, but you can only get enough of them if you consume fatty fish like salmon daily. It is similar for vitamin D, which you get from the sun. So you can add fish oil, vitamin D supplements and multivitamins to keep up.
  3. Practice resistance training
    In the ageing or disabled population, exercise can effectively stave off muscle loss. Resistance and weight training are handy to keep strength and muscle mass. They are also suitable for your cardiovascular system.
  4. Maintain an active lifestyle
    There is a higher chance of age-induced muscle atrophy when you remain inactive. On the other hand, an exercise routine in addition to staying active in your daily life can also keep you fit. So use your muscles as much as possible.
  5. Bone health
    Along with muscle health, bone health is essential. Like the muscles, bones also benefit from weight exercises as they get denser and stronger. One main factor is that if your bones become weak, you cannot perform the necessary activities to maintain muscle mass. So make sure to exercise, avoid smoking, and consume a balanced diet.
  6. Anti-inflammatory foods
    Your body’s reaction to exercise and stress is often acute inflammation. Chronic inflammation can be painful and can damage your muscle. However, there is a way to prevent the inflammation by consuming anti-inflammatory foods like leafy veggies, olive oil, nuts and berries. In addition, you can avoid sugar, trans fats and processed foods.
  7. Limit alcohol
    Reducing your alcohol consumption can show visible effects on strength maintenance. Alcohol can cause inflammatory responses and thus, make it challenging for your body to absorb nutrients from the food you eat. If you do not drink enough water, just a couple of drinks can lead to dehydration, muscle pain and cramps.
  8. Hormones balance
    If you keep diet and exercise aside, your hormone levels directly affect muscle mass. Hormones like estrogen, testosterone and thyroid are all critical, and hence you need to keep these in balance as you age. Thus, you can consult with your doctor about your needs for balancing the hormone levels.


You should keep a holistic approach to maintain strength at any age. 


  • Chiropractic alternative
    Another option is chiropractic care which helps keep the body healthy as a whole. Chiropractors are mainly focused on spine health, but they can also affect the muscles. Perfect alignment of the spine ensures that other body parts function optimally, and muscles need not overcompensate. Thus, you get healthier and lasting muscle health.

Your doctors might as well be able to guide you more on what you should do to maintain your muscle health. They might prescribe some exercises and dietary measures as well. If you are still curious about how we can keep our muscles strong, you can contact Germanten Hospital today. The experienced and dedicated staff and doctors at our hospital will be happy to help you with any doubts you have.

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