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What Are The Symptoms Of Hip Arthritis?

what are the symptoms of hip arthritis?

What Are The Symptoms Of Hip Arthritis?

Do you feel pain in your hip while putting on your shoes and socks? Well, if you nod your head in agreement, you may have developed hip arthritis. 

Hip arthritis decreases the range of motion of your hips, and as a result, you encounter challenges while putting one leg over another. You may not experience pain in your hip joints, but routine tasks may become challenging for you. Hip arthritis progresses quickly and disturbs your daily activities. For example, you may not see any symptoms of hip arthritis in the first few months. But the gradual deterioration in your hip condition may make you undergo hip replacement surgery within the next few months. 

Symptoms of hip arthritis

The signs and symptoms of hip arthritis may affect your movements. The common symptoms include:

  • Stiffness
    Swelling and loss of cartilage in the hip joints make the joint stiff. As a result, you may experience stiffness in the mornings or after sitting for long hours. However, it does not mean you will entirely lose your range of motion.
  • Decreased range of motion
    You may face trouble while doing simple activities. For example, you may not be able to put one foot over another. Moreover, you may face challenges while carrying activities that require foot movements. Furthermore, you may not be able to spread or rotate your leg.
  • Hip crunching
    You may experience crunching sound while using your hip joints. It happens because your hip joints get rubbed against one another. However, if you do not experience any other symptoms apart from hip crunching, it is not a cause of concern.
  • Loss of hip joint function
    Hip arthritis may cause pain while walking. As a result, you may change how you walk or halt abruptly. Moreover, it makes simple activities like bending painful and challenging. You may also face challenges while getting in and out of a car.

A person may develop a few or all of these symptoms. Therefore, it is suggested to visit an orthopaedic surgeon for a diagnosis. The signs and symptoms of hip arthritis may develop months after the onset of this condition, so you may not know that you have it. Even if you have developed pain in the hip region, you may feel relaxed after proper sleep. However, it is applicable only if you have mild or moderate hip arthritis. 

A mild rest may relieve your symptoms, but you may worsen your condition if you rely solely on rest. After hours of rest or continuous sitting, you may develop stiffness in your hips. People with hip arthritis often complain of hip stiffness in the mornings. As a result, they may not move properly and find challenges while performing everyday activities. Therefore, it is suggested to remain active and avoid prolonged rest. 

Types of hip arthritis 

Arthritis is a progressive disorder that causes pain and stiffness in the hip joints. Different arthritis types that may affect your hip joints include:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Ankylosing spondylitis
  • Systemic lupus erythematosus
  • Psoriatic arthritis

The treatment depends on the arthritis kind that affects you. Arthritis in the hip with signs that are recognised as mild is often in the early stages. However, as the disease progresses, you may develop severe symptoms.

Initially, many people experience dull pain in their hip joints. As their condition deteriorates, they may witness stiffness and a decrease in their range of motion. The symptoms may vary widely, but the primary sign remains pain around the hip and groin. 

Pain in the hip, groin, back, or thigh

The sudden and intense pain starts from the groin and travels into your thigh. In addition, you may feel pain in the lateral hip, buttock, or at the back of your thigh. 

The pain becomes aggressive when you:

  • Remain seated for a longer duration
  • Perform weight-bearing activities like standing and jogging
  • Bend or rotate your legs in different directions
  • Perform vigorous activities like sports and gardening 

If you think that your movements and activities are restricted, you may undergo diagnostic tests. To diagnose arthritis in hip signs, you may contact Germanten Hospitals. We are equipped with an advanced diagnostic centre that will help us detect and prevent the progression of hip arthritis. 


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