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How to protect yourself from covid 19

covid 19 protection

How to protect yourself from covid 19

How to Protect Yourself From COVID-19?

With more than 90,000 fresh infections, India is currently witnessing a sudden surge in the number of COVID-19 cases. However, the good news is that more than 65 million doses of coronavirus vaccines have been administered so far. Vaccine drive offers a beacon of hope despite a surge in daily new cases. But we are still very much in the middle of a pandemic and it’s crucial to follow all the precautions meant to check the spread of COVID-19 and not let our guard down.

COVID-19 can spread more easily. It survives in the air and on surfaces long enough for an individual to contract it. It can also be acquired by touching your eyes, nose, or mouth after touching an object or a surface that has the virus on it. COVID-19 multiplies faster in the body even if one doesn’t have any symptoms. Similarly, the virus can be transmitted by an individual without any symptoms at all.

Some people experience severe COVID-19 symptoms, whereas others experience none to mild symptoms. To prevent contracting and spreading COVID-19, here are some guidelines that you can follow:

1. Wash your hands frequently – One of the first and most important things one can do to avoid COVID-19 is by washing their hands frequently and carefully. Wash your hands using warm water and soap for at least 20 seconds. Make sure to lather your hands by rubbing them together with the soap. If you cannot wash your hands, then use a hand sanitizer. Follow this practice a few times a day, especially after touching anything including your phone or laptop.
2. Stop shaking hands or hugging anyone – Skin-to-skin contact can transmit the virus from one person to another. Hence, avoid touching anybody by shaking their hands or hugging them.
3. Avoid touching your face – COVID-19 virus can live on some surfaces such as cell phones or doorknobs, for up to three days. Hence, avoid touching any part of your head or face, especially your mouth, eyes, or nose. Also, avoid biting your fingernails as the virus can enter your body from your hands.
4. Cover your mouth and nose while sneezing or coughing – The virus is found in high amounts in the mouth and nose, meaning it can be carried by air droplets to other people while sneezing, coughing or even talking. The air droplets could also land on hard surfaces and stay there for up to 72 hours. Hence, cover your mouth and nose while sneezing or coughing with a tissue or by using your elbow to keep your hands clean. Also, wash your hands thoroughly after you cough or sneeze.
5. Avoid sharing personal items – Personal items such as combs, makeup or phones can spread the virus, hence avoid sharing them with anyone else. Also, avoid sharing utensils and straws.
6. Clean surfaces – Regularly clean hard surfaces in your home such as toys, door handles, furniture and countertops using alcohol-based disinfectants. Also, clean items such as laptops and phones that you regularly use throughout the day. If you bring packages or groceries from outside, then make sure to
properly disinfect every item.
7. Maintain social distancing – COVID-19 virus can be found in high amounts in your spit if you are carrying it, even if you are asymptomatic. Try to stay at home and work from home, if possible. If you must go out for necessities,
make sure to maintain a 6 feet distance from other people, as the virus can spread even by speaking to someone else. Wear a mask whenever outside to prevent the virus from spreading.
8. Avoid gathering in groups – Avoid going to crowded places including places of worship, as standing too close to someone can lead the virus to spread. Also avoid going to places such as coffee shops, bars or restaurants as the virus can be transmitted through food, dishes, cups and other utensils. It can also be temporarily airborne from other people present there. If you must consume food from outside, have it delivered and make sure that the food is thoroughly cooked and can be reheated.
9. Self-quarantine if sick – If you are experiencing any symptoms, call your doctor and stay at home until you recover. Isolate yourself away from loved ones to prevent the virus from spreading.

It is possible to protect yourself from COVID-19 if these guidelines are religiously followed. Germanten Hospital is a non-COVID hospital and every safety measure is being taken to protect our patients as well as staff members. All staff members and patients wear masks at all times and all staff members are screened daily.