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What are common sports injuries?

what are common sports injuries

What are common sports injuries?

An athlete is a person who has a grip on overall games, highly in control of his body’s senses and movement. Athletics involves competitive walking, running, jumping and throwing. It is beneficial in building good physical health and improves the functioning of vital organs like lungs, heart, mental health, and strength. However, some of these may involve high-intensity physical strength and thus have associated risks. An athlete can move in the wrong way and fall on the ground resulting in injuries. It may also be caused by a lack of mastery over the skill or incorrect technique, improper rest and excessive training. The athlete should follow ways to reduce the chances and risks involved due to injuries by building muscular strength under professional physiotherapist guidance. They would recognise the early signs of an injury or damage and quick treatment for returning to the sports. This article will help you understand some of the most common sports injuries and their prevention techniques.

Common Sports Injuries And Their Prevention

Some of the primary causes of sports injury are improper warmup sessions, substandard techniques or lack of conditioning.

Without a proper warmup, the chances of overstretching of muscles are higher, leading to injury and tears. After the warmup, the muscles are more relaxed, providing increased flexibility. As a result, it can bend and absorb sudden movements and jerks, decreasing the chances of injury.

One of the significant things to remember while playing any sport is having correct movement. In addition, different exercises need different types of positions and postures. For instance, kneeling can save the spine and hips from injury in some sports.

It is advisable to wear proper gear and supportive shoes to lower the chances of injuries. Do not push yourself and take adequate rest to let your body heal. Cooldown exercises are beneficial and help release all the tension from the muscles. 

If you are wondering what some of the common sports injuries and their prevention techniques are, consult with the experts at Germanten Hospital. We can also be of help if you have queries about what common sports injuries are and how first aid can help you?

Common sports injuries and their treatment 

As an athlete, the knowledge of common sports injuries and treatment is necessary. Read on to know more about these injuries, and their prevention and treatment.

  • Strains
    Strain is caused due to overstretching of muscles or tendons. It is more common in athletes. Moving the muscles incorrectly can cause severe damage and tear of muscles. Some of the common strain injuries are strained quad pulled hamstrings and pulled groyne muscles. A good warmup and stretching session would be enough of a prevention and treatment for common sports injuries like strains.
  • Sprains
    A sprain is one of the most common sports injuries that first aid can help you with. A sprain is due to overstretching of ligaments due to movement in the wrong direction. The most common of these are ankle sprains, knee sprains, and elbow and wrist sprains. Sprains cause a lot of pain and aching. Further movement of the region can worsen the condition. Sprains make the ligaments weak; thus, it is better to play with a brace while playing. Pre Workout stretching and warmup help in decreasing the risks.
  • Fractures
    Fractures in the arms, legs and feet are caused due to sudden high pressure on the bones. It takes a long time to heal and requires complete bed rest. The risks of fracture can be decreased by wearing braces and pads to reduce the impact and good warmup and workout routines.
  • Rotator cuff injury
    It is caused during the overhead shots when the athlete puts the shoulder under much strain. It is common in sports like swimming, baseball, volleyball, basketball, tennis, and weightlifting, where the upper body is actively involved. It can be treated with RICE and physiotherapy sessions.
  • Medial tibial stress syndrome (MDSS)
    Our legs act as the shock absorber during intense games. MDSS is more commonly known as the sudden shooting pain in the leg when it cannot bear the shock or stress during the training. The pain occurs in the region where the bone is attached to the muscle. It is prevalent in athletes who have suddenly increased their workout routine or are new to it. It is also caused due to using improper shoes. It can be prevented by using RICE, proper warm up sessions, and correct shoe choices.


If you want to know more about treatment for common sports injuries, you may contact Germanten Hospital. Our doctors and physiotherapists would explain everything from what common sports injuries are to the course of action for recovery. They have expertise in common sports injuries and treatment. Our experts can also help you with some of the most common sports medicine surgeries. So book your appointment for a consultation today!