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What Is The Knee Replacement Surgery Recovery Time For Elderly?

What Is The Knee Replacement Surgery Recovery Time For Elderly?

What Is The Knee Replacement Surgery Recovery Time For Elderly?

Knee Replacement Surgery

With age comes several health conditions. Among them, some of the most common ones are orthopaedic issues, especially those related to the knee. Knee pain limits the ability to sit down, stand up, walk and even do the most menial tasks of the day properly. Knee pain might be due to the natural wear and tear due to age or might result from certain other medical conditions such as arthritis. 

The knee-related condition could be big or small. But nowadays, you can opt for knee replacement surgery to alleviate the problem. In this surgery, the doctor removes the damaged parts of a knee and replaces them with artificial components to provide the patient with a smooth motion as it was earlier functioning. The knee replacement recovery time for the elderly depends upon the type of surgery that has been performed.

Types Of Knee Replacement Procedures

The knee replacement surgeries aim to restore the smooth knee motions by replacing the knee joint with an artificial component. The surgery is also known as arthroplasty. With the help of the latest technology, the surgery can be performed in a minimally invasive manner. Here are a few types of knee replacement surgeries:

  • Total Knee Replacement Surgery: In this type of surgery, the doctor replaces the bottom of the thigh bone, top of the shin bone, the kneecap, connective tissues, etc., with artificial components made of metal or hard plastic. The knee replacement surgery recovery time for the elderly in case of a total replacement is a bit longer as compared to some of the other procedures. You might also need to stay at the facility for a few days for observation. 
  • Partial Knee Replacement Surgery: In this type of surgery, the doctor replaces a damaged part of the knee with a prosthetic component made with metal or plastic. The doctor recommends the surgery to those who have damaged a certain part of the knee. Since this type of surgery is only performed on a certain part of the knee, the tissues heal quicker. So the knee replacement recovery time for the elderly is better than the total knee replacement surgery. 
  • Complex Or Revision Knee Replacement Surgery: A knee replacement can last for over 15 years surely. But the replaced component might wear out in certain instances. The knee replacement recovery time for the elderly would be more in this procedure than partial replacement. 

The doctor might opt for one of these procedures depending upon the extent of damage in your knee joint. But, again, the recovery time would depend upon the type of surgical procedure.

Knee Replacement Surgery Recovery Time For The Elderly

A knee replacement surgery generally goes on for about an hour and a half. The recovery in this kind of procedure starts as soon as you wake up from the sedation. 

Depending on the kind of knee replacement surgery, the standard recovery duration is around twelve weeks or three months. For the first couple of weeks, you would require crutches or another sort of assistance. Then, the range of motion would increase for the next 4 to 5 weeks as the swelling decreases. After that, with the aid of a therapist, the movement would increase as new muscles build around the newly replaced joint.

Day To Day Life After The Replacement Surgery

The knee replacement surgery would increase the range of motion in your knee joint. It takes nearly a year for certain people not to notice their newly replaced joint. But it differs from patient to patient. However, you might experience popping sounds, swelling, numbness, pain, etc. But these symptoms go away after a while.

How Long Does A Replaced Knee Last For?

It has been observed that over 90% of the replaced knees last for over 15 years, while for some, it might even go over 20 years. But remember, it is only if you care for your health. If you keep up with your therapy routine, then the replaced knee might even last longer.. 

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