What Is Oxinium Knee Replacement?

What Is Oxinium Knee Replacement

What Is Oxinium Knee Replacement?

Joint pain has become a prevalent issue among all generations. In the younger generation, athletes are more prone to knee injuries. To combat persistent knee pain and get back your range of motion, you may undergo a knee transplant. 

If you are young and want a speedy recovery, you may choose oxinium knee replacement. However, the average oxinium knee replacement cost depends on various factors. You can get the overall cost details by contacting Germanten Hospitals.

How Does Oxinium Knee Replacement Change The Process Of Knee Replacement?

Earlier, knee replacement surgeries had various risks, such as infection, wear and tear, and loosening. These risks enhanced the chances of repair surgery. Moreover, activities like running and sprinting put additional pressure on the replaced knee and damage it before the anticipated time. 

Later, cobalt-chromium alloys were used in knee replacement, but they wear out quickly. Moreover, they developed rough surfaces after a few years, and in many cases, it was observed that they cause metal allergies. 

A new alloy was developed using zirconium and niobium to combat metal allergies, and this new metal composition is known as oxinium oxidised zirconium. The oxinium implant is used in knee and thigh bone transplants. It is most suitable for younger patients who lead an active lifestyle. 

The knee replacement material oxinium is highly durable and does not cause any issue while running, jogging, or getting involved in other physical activities. However, oxinium knee implant cost depends on various factors, and you can contact Germanten Hospitals to find out more about the overall implant cost.

What Is Oxinium Oxidised Zirconium Knee Replacement?

Oxidised zirconium contains 97.5% zirconium and 2.5% niobium. The resultant alloy is durable and biocompatible. Moreover, it has a hard ceramic surface and metal structure. The ceramic surface provides strength and durability and prevents normal wear and tear and abrasions. It can be used for a longer period and is superior to its counterparts. The durability makes oxinium implant a preferred choice among knee replacement patients. 

How Is Oxinium Knee Transplant Better Than Cobalt-chrome Knee Replacement?

The superiority of oxinium knee transplant over the cobalt-chrome knee can be established by considering the following facts:

  • Strength
    Oxinium knee has twice the strength and surface hardness of the cobalt-chrome knee.
  • Brittleness
    Oxinium is less fragile when compared to a cobalt-chrome knee replacement and reduces the chances of brittle fractures.
  • Wear-out Rate
    Oxinium does not wear out quickly as it is abrasion-resistant. Moreover, the wear-out rate is almost 50% less than cobalt-chrome knee replacement.
  • Nickel Content
    Oxinium knee is low in nickel content, and hence it is a suitable option for metal allergic patients.
  • Durability
    Oxinium is a hard and scratch-resistant metal. When used in knee transplants, it provides a practical and long-lasting result. Oxinium knee implant offers a full range of motion and is suitable for active patients. Moreover, it does not get wear and tear and abrasion.
  • Biocompatible
    Cobalt-chrome knee implants have a high nickel content that may cause allergies. Oxinium is a biocompatible material and is best suited for patients who may develop metal allergies. Oxinium knee implant does not cause allergy, and you can restart your life quickly.

These are some prominent advantages of oxinium knee replacement. First, it lasts longer than other metal knee replacements.

Who Can Get The Benefits Of An Oxinium Knee Replacement?

Oxinium knee replacement can benefit anyone who needs a knee replacement. However, a suitable candidate for this knee replacement procedure is:

  • Younger Patients
    If you are young, then you can opt for oxinium knee joint replacement. These replacements can work well for up to 35 years, whereas a typical cobalt chrome knee replacement lasts 10-15 years. However, knee replacement is a one-time procedure, and therefore, you must invest in good-quality replacements.
  • Active Patients
    With an oxinium knee transplant, you can return to your active lifestyle quickly. In addition, these are durable and hence, support you for a long time.
  • Metal Allergic Patients
    If you are allergic to metals, you can opt for an oxinium knee transplant.

However, the cost of transplant depends upon the implant material. To get an estimate of oxinium knee replacement cost in India, you may contact the experts at Germanten Hospitals.


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