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Why do athletes suffer from cramp?

why do athletes suffer from muscle cramp

Why do athletes suffer from cramp?

Scientists are still perplexed about the reasons for cramps in athletes. Here is a detailed explanation of the factors causing cramps and the methods preventing muscle cramps in athletes

Definition Of A Muscle Cramp

Muscle cramps can be defined as sudden, involuntary and spasmodic contractions in some particular muscles of the body. It might prevent you from participating in any athletic activity. 

Other effects of muscle cramps are extreme contractions in the legs after intense training sessions. The contractions generally occur at night, and you might also experience violent hamstring spasms. 

Although the occurrence of muscle cramps in athletes are fairly common and studied extensively, no definite cause of this problem has been determined yet. However, you can gradually reduce your muscle cramps. Athlete leg cramps can be reduced by changing your lifestyle, diet and expectation of your body. If you are looking for ways for preventing muscle cramps in athletes, here are some methods by which you can do so. 

Athlete leg cramps are fairly common and can be painful and prevent you from playing. However, you can visit Germanten Hospital and get treatment from excellent doctors who help in preventing leg cramps in athletes

What causes cramps in athletes?

Two main theories explain the occurrence of cramps in athletes:

  • Dehydration or Electrolyte theory: It is the most conventional theory explaining the reason behind the occurrence of muscle cramps in athletes. It states that cramps are caused due to a fluid imbalance or electrolyte imbalance in the body. The situation is caused due to a lack of sodium in the body, resulting in the contraction of the interstitial fluid present around muscles. It also causes disturbances in nerve impulses which leads to cramps.

The theory is determined by several case studies, observations, anecdotes and experts’ opinions. However, despite having enough situational evidence behind it, the theory is not backed by enough Randomised Controlled Trials (RCTs). Therefore, it is very essential by proponents of proof-based practice so that it can be considered as a fact. 

If you search for muscle cramps in football players, you can get a thorough idea on the internet. A study has found that intaking sodium instead of placebo drinks have helped in preventing muscle cramps in athletes. Another study in 2021 concluded that water consisting of electrolytes also works as remedies for leg cramps in athletes. 

  • Neuromuscular Theory: The theory explaining muscle cramps in athletes has been developed in recent years. It stresses the fact that overload in the muscles and neuromuscular fatigue are the main reasons behind the occurrence of exercise-associated muscle cramps. The fatigue contributes to the imbalances between the excitatory impulses produced by the muscle spindles and inhibitory impulses produced by Golgi tendon organs. 

If you are looking for athletic muscle cramps treatment, you can visit Germanten Hospital. Our expert doctors can diagnose the problem and help in preventing muscle cramps in athletes.

Scientific Study Of Cramps

The study of factors causing leg cramps during football has concluded that the cramps occur due to an increase in the levels of excitatory activity in the fatigued muscles. The muscles appear to be sending more impulses than necessary. It demonstrates the fact that excess fatigue prevents the muscles from relaxing. 

Still, there are several field studies that have not been able to find any significant difference between the blood electrolyte condition of the athletes who experience cramps during triathlons or marathons. The situation is contradictory to the dehydration or electrolyte theory. It focuses on the fact that if there are no differences in the electrolyte levels in campers and non-campers, it does not determine the occurrence of cramps. However, this study does not consider the fact that the electrolyte levels are fairly constant despite the levels of sodium being different. 

However, you should remember that the reasons behind cramps are not limited to only two theories. But since there is no concrete evidence behind the occurrence of cramps, we can assume any of the two theories. Therefore, you can search for muscle cramps football players to get a detailed explanation on the matter. 

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