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Geriatric Orthopedic Problems

Geriatric orthopedic problems

Geriatric Orthopedic Problems

Geriatric Orthopaedic problems are one of the most common diseases nowadays, especially in old age people. After age 40, geriatric orthopedic problems start rising in the body, and more often, this problem happens to women.

Research has shown that prevention can help to lower geriatric orthopedic problems. In some cases, orthopaedic problems can be genetic problems as well, but majorly this problem arises due to the daily activities of human beings. Some of the primary reasons for it in today’s world are long hours of sitting on a laptop and computer, using excess mobile phones, walking or running on harsh surfaces and, most significantly, changes in our lifestyle. All these lead to dangerous orthopaedic problems, which can sometimes be non-curable diseases. 

What common diseases lead to problems of geriatric orthopedics?

Here are a few common diseases that may lead to geriatric orthopedic problems:

  1. Osteoarthritis: One of the most common problems nowadays among adults is osteoarthritis. In every three older adults, one is an osteoarthritis survivor. This degenerative disease usually affects the joints of the body like the wrist, ankles, knees, fingers and spinal cord. This disease causes problems in day-to-day activities because the movement of joints starts becoming difficult, which causes pain in the body. Therefore, the orthopaedic doctors recommended treatments and medicines to decrease the pain in the joints and begin to ease the movement of joints.
  2. Fractures: A severe orthopaedic problem which can happen to anyone at any age is a fracture. In youngsters, it can occur due to any mishap or loss of balance during physical activity. Still, in old age, it happens due to the loss of calcium from the bones, which leads to weaker bones and unsteady balance in daily life. Therefore, any trouble and fall during old age can lead to some severe fractures of bones.
  3. Dislocations: Dislocation of bones means shifting of bone from its original place. It is usually in old age due to falls caused by bones of the body dislocating. It causes severe pain in the body as well. Medicines and physiotherapy by doctors help to overcome this problem.
  4. Osteoporosis: It is a disease under which bone density and bone mass start decreasing from the bones, which leads to its weakening. It usually happens after age 30 and often happens early in women.

If you are experiencing geriatric orthopaedic problems due to the diseases mentioned above, come over to Germanten Hospital for diagnosis and treatment.

How to prevent problems of geriatric orthopaedics?

Here are a few ways to prevent geriatric orthopaedics: 

  1. Maintain a healthy weight: Being overweight or underweight can lead to orthopaedic problems in adults. Obesity can lead to the weakening of body muscles, and people who are overweight have a higher chance of osteoarthritis. So all adults should maintain a balanced body weight to prevent orthopaedic problems.
  2. Keep it moving: We should keep our body moving, for this regularly thirty minutes of exercise is the best. Regular light exercise like walking, jogging, swimming and stretching benefits bones and muscles. Heavy workouts can lead to too much stress on the body muscles, so regular light exercise is good for maintaining your health.
  3. Develop a strong core: For maintaining a balanced weight, it is vital to develop a strong core. Yoga and pilates exercise work for developing a solid core, and it also helps in preventing orthopaedic problems.
  4. Stretch before starting an exercise: It is imperative to do light stretching before starting an exercise to maintain flexibility and warm up the body to reduce the risk of injuries like sprains and strains. In addition, it helps to prevent muscle and joint injuries.
  5. Wear comfortable shoes: Footwear is the most important thing while you are getting ready. For any occasion, comfortable shoes are essential. So always wear comfy shoes rather than going with trendy heels, which cause pain in the body.
  6. Get regular checkups: Visit your local doctor for regular checkups and get a complete check on your orthopaedic health. Regular checkups are more important for old adults to prevent themselves from orthopaedic severe health issues.

Follow the tips as mentioned above to ensure you don’t encounter problems with geriatric orthopaedics. But if you still have these issues, visit Germanten Hospital now!