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What Is The Knee Replacement Surgery Cost In Hyderabad?

what is the knee replacement surgery cost in hyderabad

What Is The Knee Replacement Surgery Cost In Hyderabad?

Knee replacement surgery is becoming popular as it offers a high rate of success. Due to its success rate, patients often ask about the knee replacement surgery cost in Hyderabad. 

Following Mentioned Are The Average Knee Replacement Surgery Costs In India-

  • Unilateral Total Knee Replacement from 1.8 lakhs
  • Bilateral Total Knee Replacement from 2.5 lakhs

For A Foreign Patient, The Prices Would Be The Following-

  • Unilateral Knee Replacement from 3500 dollars
  • Bilateral Knee Replacement from 6000 dollars

Germanten Hospital wishes to meet your expectations and offer affordable prices for knee replacement surgery in Hyderabad. Dr. Mir Jawad Zar Khan leads our team of highly skilled orthopaedic surgeons. He has experience of 20 years in partial and total knee replacement, bilateral knee replacement and unilateral knee replacement surgeries. For more information on the surgery and knee replacement surgery cost in Hyderabad, call us, and schedule an appointment!

Understanding Knee Replacement Surgery

A joint replacement surgeon usually performs knee replacement surgery, and it involves removing the damaged knee joint and replacing it with prosthetics. Once an orthopaedic physician diagnoses the problem, they can tell you whether you need a partial or complete replacement. 

Knee replacement is a safe surgical process and has a success rate of 97%. We provide customised implants, stay technologically up-to-date, and with experienced surgeons like Dr. Mir Jawad Zar Khan, we guarantee a better quality of life post replacement surgery. With knee replacement surgery, you can

  • Regain the mobility of the knee joint
  • Get rid of knee pain and stiff joints
  • Restore the lost functioning of the knee
  • Enjoy better joint alignment
  • Improved quality of life

The first question patients often ask is who needs a replacement is how long do these implants last? So depending on your style of work, these implants usually last from 15-20 years for all ages. They are manufactured with plastic or metal that resembles the joint. So the choice of implant will affect the total knee replacement cost in Hyderabad. 

The Types Of Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee replacement is medically known as knee arthroplasty, and the surgery involves removing and replacing damaged knee joints with artificially made prosthetics that work like a normal knee joint. Based on the extent of damage to your joint, there are different joint replacement surgeries available as follows-

  • Total Knee Replacement (TKR)
    The total knee replacement is also known as primary knee replacement and is performed by an orthopaedic surgeon. It is recommended when your joint is fully damaged. The surgeon will completely replace your damaged knee joint with prosthetics. It eliminates the pain and restores the normal working of the knee for a better remaining life.
  • Partial Knee Replacement (PKR)
    When your knee joint is partially damaged, a partial knee replacement or unicompartmental knee replacement surgery is suggested. The surgeon will replace only the damaged parts of the knee with artificial prosthetics. Thus, while preserving natural bones, it will replace the damaged parts.
  • Revision Knee Replacement
    These are redo surgeries and are often performed when the previous replacement surgery has failed or the implants are damaged over time.

The other knee replacement surgeries are complex knee replacement, knee cap replacement, high flex knee replacement and minimally invasive knee replacement surgeries performed by Dr. Mir Jawad Zar Khan. 

When will I Need a Knee Replacement Surgery?

Several conditions can affect the knee. When they become severe enough to damage the joint and cause pain, you might need replacement surgery. 

Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, post-traumatic arthritis, severe arthritis to the knee, knee pain and swelling, wear and tear of the knee joint due to overuse, deformities, degeneration of bones with age are some of the probable reasons. 

Why Choose Us For Your Knee Replacement Surgery?

With medical and technological advancements, the surgical techniques for knee replacement are also upgrading. Dr. Mir Jawad Zar Khan uses state-of-art techniques and has the required experience to depict the trending outcomes of knee replacement procedures. 

Some patients often restrain from the surgery due to the knee replacement surgery costs in Hyderabad. With Germanten Hospital by your side, you need not worry about the cost of knee replacement surgery in Hyderabad. You can be assured of the best service without any burden on your finances.